11 People Who Will Relive the “Hospitality” of Their Friends in Their Nightmares

3 years ago

According to research, the DNA present in all people is 99.9% identical. But sometimes you might meet a person who seems to have come from a different planet. And you’ll only figure it out after you’ve visited their home. At least that’s what happened to the people featured in our article.

At Bright Side, we love home gatherings. But when you come across these kinds of things, you can’t stand but make it into an article.

  • Once I went to the home of my college Aesthetics professor. She was a wonderful woman, always perfectly dressed. I learned many things from her and I use them even now. But her apartment... Her clothes were scattered all around the place, the doors of her wardrobes were wide open, and her fat cats rolled all over the piles of her clothes, leaving their fur and smell. © Katerina Tihomirova / Facebook
  • My husband and I went to visit his relatives, while their other guests had just left. The hostess complained that they hadn’t finished their coffee, and decided to treat us too. She brought mugs, and I saw some greasy stains in mine. I pushed my husband under the table so that he would stop drinking it and went into the kitchen. It turned out that she had poured the unfinished coffee into a saucepan, warmed it up, and poured it into our mugs. © Elena Sokolovskaya / Facebook
  • Once I went to visit my friend’s relative. They set the table. I went to the kitchen to help. I wish I hadn’t done it, because it just ruined my appetite. The hostess decided to dump the cooked dumplings right into the sink, instead of draining the water from the pot, and then she put the dumplings onto a plate with a spoon, picking them right from the sink. © Yulya Ladik / Facebook

  • My colleague invited us over. We bought groceries, and my wife made salads and cooked chicken. In the end, I saw that there was a pile of dishes in the sink and offered to wash them out of politeness. He generously gave his permission. While I was doing it, the colleague asked me to reduce the water pressure several times, eventually, he almost shouted. Water meters! I took out my wallet and gave him $20, hoping that he would get himself together. I was wrong. He put the bill into his pocket without a second thought. And then he also asked us to leave all the food and drinks we hadn’t finished. © WitchGiggles / Pikabu
  • My father-in-law is obsessed with radio receivers. The receivers of all sizes, models, and conditions can be found in every room. There are 19 of them just in the kitchen. With the help of one, he, for instance, picks up the telephone conversations of neighbors, while with the help of another — he can listen to you. © Elena Kovina / Facebook

  • My older sister is a mature sensible woman who works as a chief accountant at a reputable firm. She can’t throw out a single jar — a mustard glass, a tea tin, or a cardboard tube from chips. She believes that all of them will come in handy one day. Her apartment is simply a storage for all kinds of jars. © Luanna / AdMe

  • Once I visited my classmate. Both he and his parents were skinny and pale with blue veins on their skin. Just like vampires. When we sat at the table, I realized what was wrong with them. They ate raw vegetables and raw meat. Not something like tartare, but actually raw steaks. I left. Next time he came to my home. When he saw our sandwiches, he also left in horror. © Alexey / AdMe
  • My colleague once told me a story. She came over to her friends and was offered some tea. She agreed. They brought her a plate with dried, used teabags and asked, “Which would you prefer”? She never agreed to drink tea at their place again. © Yulia Yulia / Facebook

  • My aunt lives alone, and she’s slightly stingy. It’s not that she’s poor or old, she has always been like that. She often invites my mother and my daughter over, but only makes them meatless soup and bread. My daughter loves to visit people. She would do it every day. But after a couple of visits to my aunt, she said, “Granny, let’s take our food when we visit Aunt Mary next time.” © lanya1508 / Pikabu

  • I was at my friend’s place, and I went to the bathroom and saw this shower curtain. I got really scared. © sky777 / Pikabu

  • A girl invited me over, but she lived 100 miles away from me. So I bought some different types of tasty food and took a bus. I left in the afternoon and got there around 10 p.m. I called her, but she didn’t pick up. I was in a panic, I was in an unknown town, and had no idea where to go. She called me back and apologized. It turned out that her husband had returned early from his shift, so I had to look for a hotel. I am now sitting in a hotel room, chowing down on everything I brought. © Hayabusa3 / Pikabu

What types of “hospitality” have you come across? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Warm Bodies / Mandeville Films


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