20+ Times People Shared Peculiar Things That Piqued Our Curiosity

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Some elements defy our world’s norms, whether it’s peculiar occurrences, questionable design choices, unconventional interior decor, or eccentric fashion statements. In this fascinating article, we delve into the realm of the extraordinary and unexpected, provoking more questions than answers and leaving us puzzled.

1. “My pre-op tortuous varicose veins.”

My husband had that, did yours have to wear compression stockings with a rope following the vein?


2. “My apartment, which was renovated from a jailhouse used in the 1800s”

3. “I have tentacles under my tongue — apparently not everyone does.”

4. “X-Ray from when I broke my arm in 2008.”

5. “I have only 4 fingers on my left hand, and have an index finger instead of a thumb.”

6. “I came across this hexagon/pentagon structured mushroom.”

7. “Found this guy on my walk to work.”

8. “Sometimes people stop in the middle of a conversation to stare at my eye. Wonder why.”

9. “Me, face to face with a moose”

10. “I saw a pool inside a living room today.”

11. “Not one, but 2 DUCKNANAS”

12. “A ‘zombie spider’... half-dead, half-alive which can crawl around. Found in my basement.”

13. “There’s one red hair amongst my black hair in my beard.”

14. “My Venus Flytrap uses all its energy to make 200 mouths instead of growing big.”

15. “I found a whole box of aliens at Goodwill today.”

16. “Typical cat”

17. “So, this exists!”

18. “Started work this morning... felt something furry in my ear, looked and there is a bat in my headset.”

19. “Forbidden chicken tendies.”

20. “Stuffed gorilla that has faces as feet”

21. “I got 5 double yolks in a row.”

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Ugh, the zombie spider is intense 😫! I love the little bat tho. I totally wouldn't mind finding the little nugget in my headphones. I'd take care of the tiny precious until we could locate a proper caregiver, temporary shelter, or place to set it free safely.


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