15 Users Tell How They Knew They Had Fallen in Love With the Wrong Person

11 months ago

In the complex dance of love, we sometimes encounter couples who seem destined for an unfortunate ending. It’s not easy to take off the rose-colored glasses and let go of a relationship that doesn’t work out, but sometimes some situations force us to accept that Cupid has smitten us with the wrong person. On this occasion, Internet users answered how they realized their relationship would end soon.

  • For our wedding day, she spent a fortune on unnecessary things, and she knew I would be the one paying the bill for the credit card she used. So I told her no more, but she said she wanted an ice cream vendor there, even though we would already have two dessert bars. So I told her that wasn’t necessary. She argued with me about it but finally agreed.
    Then, on the day of the wedding, I was standing with my groomsmen, when the ice cream cart arrived. I knew at that moment, unfortunately. © StrangeJitsu / Reddit
  • We were in the bathroom getting dressed for a friend’s wedding. At the time, I was in the best shape of my life, felt good about myself, and thought I looked good in that outfit. My wife was finishing her makeup and I commented on how beautiful she looked. I waited for her to say something nice back, but she did not. And I just got it.
    I couldn’t remember a single time when she complimented me on my appearance. So I said, “You know, I always tell you how beautiful you are and how attracted I am to you, but I don’t remember you ever telling me that I look good or that I look handsome.” She stopped applying mascara long enough to roll her eyes in disdain.
    So I made the mistake of asking her, “Do you find me attractive?” and she said flatly, “No.” I asked her, “Why did you marry me then?” And she said, “I didn’t think it was important at the time.” I never felt so ugly and unloved as I did that day. And it hurt even more because I had felt so good about myself for once in my life 30 seconds earlier. © Seandouglasmcardle / Reddit
  • We were engaged when I had been on mandatory bed rest and taking care of our infant son after undergoing emergency surgery for almost dying later from a miscarriage. One day, he came home from work and looked me in the face, and said, “Why aren’t the damn dishes clean?” I called my mom the next morning and told her I was getting the hell out of there. I left two weeks later. © Neverinfocus / Reddit
  • I was engaged to a girl from another country, we had been in a relationship for three years. I was ready for the battle with immigration to have her move to my country. When she had to leave after a normal one-month visit, we went to the airport, and she said she couldn’t wait to come back.
    Then the moment she got home to Europe, she had zero contact with me, and it took her three days to call me to tell me it was over. This happened on December 21, 2019. That morning I knew something horrible was going to happen, I could feel it and I wish I could forget that feeling. I’m still not over it, I don’t plan on ever getting over it. © MrLanesLament / Reddit
  • Our relationship had sunk as soon as we moved in together, but after we got married, while we were in Greece on our honeymoon, he went crazy on me in public. I wanted to go see a beach on the island that is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the world, so we tried to take the bus, but it never came. He yelled at me that he hated traveling with me and said how could I ruin his vacation this way.
    We then walked to the nearby beach, and he went swimming with his two friends, whom he insisted on joining us on the trip. I was too stunned and humiliated to do anything but sit on a beach chair and cry. © gridironbuffalo / Reddit
  • Six months after our wedding, I found out that he was cheating on me through text messages. He had sent his mistress screenshots of my text messages begging him to talk to me and tell me what was wrong. They both proceeded to mock my desperation to fix my marriage, and she said something like, “Poor valiant, she doesn’t know anything and keeps begging you for attention and affection.” The moment I read those words I realized what a big mistake I had made. © Valiantlycaustic / Reddit
  • About a year and a half into our marriage, my wife got an internship at Disney and had to move across the county. Six months after she left, she told me she had met someone else but continued to nag me for another half year saying she didn’t want a divorce because she was confused. Turns out she just wanted to keep using me to pay all the bills while she finished her degree.
    Once she was about a month away from finishing school, she admitted that she never really wanted a relationship with me, had only started dating me to make her ex jealous, and that she had been cheating on me for about ninety percent of the ten-year relationship. She said she only stayed because her ex didn’t want to come back, and she didn’t want to take care of herself.
    She told me she knew the most recent guy she was cheating me with was “the love of her life” after three weeks. They had a child less than a year after we divorced. © zimbacca / Reddit
  • It was several things. On one occasion, I don’t even remember the cause, but I tried to mediate with her and my daughter. I said, “Daughter, you did something wrong, let’s apologize to mommy.” And she did.
    Then I asked mommy to apologize to our daughter, and she flatly refused to apologize. I have known this lady for over 20 years and I have never heard her apologize. Literally never.
    The final straw was when one of our children wanted a goodnight hug before bed, but my wife locked herself in our room and refused the hug because she had already hugged them earlier in the day. The kids were crying, and I was devastated watching this as they asked me, “Why doesn’t mommy want to hug me?” © overarmur / Reddit

Refering to the good night hug one, even my own mother hugged me barely 3 times in my life. I am 12.

  • A few years ago, I had a high fever and was going in and out of consciousness, talking in my sleep, and so on. I was very sick. My now ex-wife woke me up to ask me if I was okay and tell me that she was going shopping with a friend. We had a 5-year-old girl that she left in my care despite my condition.
    At 2:00 p.m. I finally managed to stay awake long enough to feed our daughter after the poor child tried to wake me up for the 20th time. She was also very excited about a children’s Christmas party that I promised her a week before that I would take her to. My wife could have taken her, but no, she was out shopping.
    I managed to take a bunch of meds to be able to take my daughter to her party because I was feeling so bad. I got divorced a couple of years later. There were a lot of things wrong, but this event is the one that pushed me over the edge. © seeafish / Reddit
  • I knew when she sat me down and with a straight face said, “I’ve thought about this, and you’re not going to work out anymore.” I was running a few miles a day and usually took the kids in a jogging stroller. She said, “You’re a dad and that takes too much of your time.”
    That’s when I realized I had made a terrible mistake. Catching her with another man in my car didn’t help the case to stay married. © JD054 / Reddit
  • We were almost nine years together, and he didn’t propose, I did. He didn’t tell his family when we got married, they found out online. He never shared his emotions with me.
    Finally, I realized that I didn’t even know what he thought of me, other than that I was pretty. I didn’t know if he thought I was cool, funny, interesting, or smart. I was sharing my thoughts, and interests, and getting nothing in return.
    I realized I had always been that way. I felt invisible, unheard. I thought I was boring and uninteresting, I didn’t feel special. I just wanted to feel some kind of connection, I wanted our souls to meet, and he seemed unable to give me that. © Secure_Orange2855 / Reddit

If your relationship is going in circles, it is best to calmly think about whether it is worth saving at all and pay attention to these 10 signs.

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