18 Times People’s Expectations Made Them Realize Life Is Nothing but an Emotional Roller Coaster

2 years ago

Products are so heavily marketed nowadays that before we even get our hands on them, we already place a lot of expectations on how much joy they’ll bring us. It’s only when you actually buy them and use them that you can tell if it was money well spent or if it was like throwing coins into a fountain.

At Bright Side, we like to know what we can expect when buying something, and that’s why we put together a list with users who were surprised to receive their things and showed their anger or joy without filters.

1. “Mickey Mouse waffles...”

2. What matters is what’s inside, right?

3. “Quite on point”

4. “Chef asked if I wanted some extra limes for my To Go order... the box felt heavier than expected.”

5. “I’m so stoked about this $1.29 find.”

6. “Felt robbed here”

7. “Asked for extra walnuts on my walnut and ricotta tostada..”

8. “Was looking forward to all those mushrooms....”

9. “Usually you only get 4-6 packets of taco sauce with a Casey’s taco pizza. I asked for extra and was not disappointed.”

10. “I got this from FB marketplace, I think he likes it.”

11. “Asked for some extra hibachi noodles.”

12. “Thrifted this table lamp light house last night. Love just looking at it.”

13. Almost perfect

14. “Requested the maximum amount of pickles (5), and ended up with a glorious pickle mountain.”

15. “Not sure if it’s authentic (who cares!) but I scored this MCM style bench for $20 at Goodwill this morning.”

16. “Finally found and thrifted my first Le Creuset! Just in time for Valentine’s Day.”

17. “I asked for lots and lots of cream cheese icing on my cinnamon buns”

18. “Found in the $0.50 jewelry pile. Tested the diamond at two different stores. Biggest find to date!”

What everyday items do you think are overpriced? What has been your best purchase?


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