16 Items Manufacturers Deserve to Win Best Product Design Awards For

2 years ago

Designers and marketers relentlessly compete in creativity, but the winner will always be the one who makes things most practical. When an item can solve problems that competitors’ goods can’t solve, a buyer’s choice is obvious.

At Bright Side, we love curious things and cool designs, of course. But we can never pass by an item that boasts great practicality.

This milk box shows you how much milk is still inside.

“My notebook is also a calculator.”

This cup is made of jelly, and you can eat it.

This coffee cup lid has a space for your nose.

IKEA furniture is supplied with a nail guide, which makes screwing very convenient.

“My ramen has a built-in strainer.”

“This shelf my mom bought for her office came with a pair of gloves so you don’t cut yourself on the metal.”

“My new sheets have tags on each side that either say ’side’ or ’top or bottom.’”

“The tissue boxes at my work have different colored tissues near the end to let you know you only have a few left in the box.”

This box can tell you whether a delivery person shook or dropped it.

This potato has a hot stamp instead of a sticker. It helps reduce the amount of waste.

“My spoon has a line where its center of gravity is.”

“Just discovered a shop that allows you to bring in your old candle jar and get a refill for half the price.”

“This soap bottle lists a purpose for each ingredient.”

This USB connector can switch between different ports.

“This shirt has a piece of lens cloth sewn on the inside for your glasses.”

Do you prefer practical or cool designs? Tell us in the comments below.


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For the first time in Forever l'm stunned that some companies have come up with such Brilliant ideas.
Seriously why have l never seen these before??
Hopefully some of these can actually be put into production instead of just being recognised and then forgotten.


You KNOW that's gonna be forever used; a very basic, yet awesome invention! Hx


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