14 Pics That Prove Stores Hide As Much Cool Stuff As Museums at Night

3 years ago

If you think that shopping is always routine, we found those who probably won’t agree with you. Of course, various deals, sales, and bargains are always good, but a little diversity would be nice too.

From now on, we at Bright Side are going to be more attentive when visiting stores. Perhaps we’ll get even more material for creating a new article.

What is this vending machine in a retail store’s men’s toilet?

I found a video where they show how you can buy diapers from this vending machine. © RenegadeTLA / Reddit

“Does my nightshirt count too?”

“Found Jerry in the wall of a pet store.”

“Glad to see that my local shop finally has a place to drop off your kids while you shop!”

This local mattress store gives you a mini-mattress for your doggie when you buy a regular one.

The ceiling in this mall looks like it’s dropping downward.

Who would dare to part the characters of this meme and buy these laptops?

This grocery store has a map of where to find items on every cart.

These soda boxes at our local store were set up to look like Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This store allows you to build your own pens.

“Our cat went missing for a couple of nights, and we couldn’t find her. Turns out she just went and got a job at a toy store to support the family.”

“I work the graveyard shift at the mall, alone. This was in the middle of the floor at 4 AM this morning.”

Only a heartless customer would choose the bottle in the front row and break this perfect order.

“I’m about to get kicked out of this supermarket.”

What other interesting things have you discovered while shopping? Please show them to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Wheezybee / reddit


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