15+ Photos That Prove Art Can Manifest Itself in Anything

2 years ago

study shows that viewing beautiful artwork allows us to experience the same pleasure as falling in love. But we don’t necessarily need a trip to the art museum in order to get showered with positive emotions. Because art is everywhere around us, and that’s what makes it so accessible and real. But in order to see it, we need to live in the moment instead of worrying about the future, and that’s when we realize how beautiful our world truly is.

Bright Side believes that even the most basic things hide a unique form of beauty if we look well enough. Here are some photos from everyday life that show that we live in an enormous art gallery.

1. ’’Overnight leak work of art’’

2. ’’This shadow from 2 different trees in my parking lot’’

3. ’’Icicle hummingbird’’

4. ’’The light coming in through my blinds makes an umbrella shape.’’

5. ’’I accidentally squeezed my moisturizer out in the perfect shape of a bird.’’

6. The dirt on this van made it look like a painting.

7. ’’My kid’s bath tub with colored water and toys kind of looks like abstract art.’’

8. ’’I made a pancake bunny by accident. Even the tail.’’

9. ’’The hole in my shoe is shaped like a shark.’’

10. ’’The frost on my window looks like birds flying off a pine tree.’’

11. ’’The sunrise shining off the icy roof of my car’’

12. ’’It looks like a caramel man is trying to escape my bowl.’’

13. ’’The way the bubbles formed a spiral in my bath.’’

14. ’’The black and white paint mixed and made this design.’’

15. ’’I was melting some chocolate and this little bird and tree appeared on my spatula.’’

16. ’’There’s a creepy smiley face in my coffee.’’

Do you often see art in ordinary things? Do you believe that art doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive in order to make us feel real emotions?

Preview photo credit W***asmic1/Imgur, deedeelocks/Reddit


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