14 People Who Bet on Self-Irony and Won Big Time

2 years ago

Even a child can make a pretty good joke directed at another person. A whole other thing is to be able to laugh at yourself in public with dignity. Only people with a pretty high level of intelligence can express and handle this kind of attitude. Well, at least that’s what people love to say.

Bright Side found 14 people who mastered the true art of self-mockery. Take your time to enjoy.

1. It’s an original masterpiece, not a cheap fake.

2. Welcome to the real world.

3. Humor is a great solution to any life situation.

4. You hit the nail on the head there, friend.

5. What do you know about a beautiful life?

6. We guess these podcasts air almost every day.

7. Who would ever understand women?

8. “My dad and I have a tradition of putting me in the Costco cart, and now that I’m nearly 30 we realized it’s borderline sad.”

9. What an interesting approach, we should remember that.

10. “I tried taking a selfie while I was underwater.”

11. God, give patience to all service workers.

12. “I will never be as successful as this small duck.”

13. “For my birthday this year, I decided to go to my favorite team’s game. To tell you the truth, it could have been a better gift.”

14. Hope dies last. And takes away the chair.

Are you as good at laughing at yourself as these people? Share your stories and opinion in the comments.

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