20+ People Who Dreamed of Having a Delicious Meal, but the Chef’s Creativity Spoiled Their Appetite

3 years ago

When we go to a restaurant, first of all, we expect delicious food and friendly service. And this, in general, is enough. But there are restaurants that at some point decided that just serving food was too boring. And here we go — soup in a plant pot, salad in a glass, and a “DIY” sandwich.

We at Bright Side found photos of internet users who couldn’t have a proper meal because the presentation of the food was “too creative.” And at the end of the article, we added a bonus — some restaurants try way too hard, and not just when it comes to serving dishes.

“Yes, that’s a bagel filled with cheese and mounted like a deer over a bowl of tomato soup.”

“Our ice cream was served in a sink.”

“My food came on a literal brick.”

“I got a Caesar salad at a resort in Costa Rica that looked like this. I have no idea how to eat it.”

“Pieces of papadum attached to a decorative photo stand”

Papadum is a thin flatbread made of lentil flour.

To get to the sauce, you’ll have to eat the spaghetti without it first.

“I just want a whole plate! Am I asking for too much?”

How about a glass of refreshing French fries?

“This restaurant is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars!”

“My soup was served in a plant pot.”

— Stopped in for brunch there, and they served me an egg Benedict in a glass.

—Why does the person across from you have a normal plate?

“My steak tartare was served on a bone that was put on salt. If the meat falls into the salt, it’ll become impossible to eat it.”

“I had to eat the cheesecake with my hands, and, of course, it broke right in the middle.”

“I ordered a baguette with salami. I have to make it myself, apparently?”

“I’m in a fancy Italian restaurant. They just served me this.”

“Designed especially for people who want to feel like an animal eating off the forest floor.”

“They served my noodles in a block of ice.”

“This was a Tiramisu, the top layer was crushed Oreos. Delicious, but how did they come up with this?‭”

“$30 for a piece of slate, 3 scallops, and some potatoes”

“Breakfast was served in a dog dish.”

Bonus: Imagine that after all these dishes, they also bring you the bill like this.

We hope that these dishes were at least delicious. Do any of our readers prefer to have their dishes served in an unusual way? Or, in your opinion, is there still nothing better than food on good old-fashioned plates?

Preview photo credit dripness / reddit


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lol that's hipsers' work! Why everything should be "different" to be cool? Normal things like serving the salad in a plate instead of a.... wine glass (????) :p


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