My Husband Refuses to Get a Nice Graduation Gift for My Daughter

When it comes to finances, some blended families encounter challenges or may struggle to treat all children equally. For instance, Lindsay desired her daughter to receive the same treatment as her stepdaughter, leading her to consider purchasing an expensive graduation gift. However, her husband disagreed, stating that it was his money, and suggested she opt for something less costly. Lindsay felt disheartened and reached out to us for guidance.

This is Lindsay’s letter.

12 years & it’s His money, sorry no, it’s joint marital assets & you shouldnt be asking for permission for your daughter to get equal treatment.

Do you really want to be married to this AH.


I would get a job, save my money and have a talk about how he made me feel. And if he doesn't get any better, I would move out. That was so wrong, and he doesn't respect what you have and showed how he resents you and your daughter.


Hi Lindsay! Thank you for sharing your story with us. We have some tips that we hope can be helpful to you.

Open a candid conversation with your husband.

Sit down with your husband and have an honest conversation about how his refusal to contribute to your daughter’s graduation gift made you feel. Explain the significance of the gift and why you believe it’s fair given the precedent he set with his own daughter.

Highlight how his actions have impacted your perception of his commitment to your blended family. This might help him understand your perspective and possibly lead to a resolution.

Involve a family counselor.

Given the ongoing tensions and unresolved feelings, it might be beneficial to involve a family counselor. A professional can help mediate the conversation, allowing both you and your husband to express your feelings in a controlled environment.

This can also provide a platform to address any deeper issues in your relationship and work on building a more cohesive family dynamic.

Establish clear financial boundaries and expectations.

Moving forward, it could be helpful to establish clear financial boundaries and expectations within your family. Create a plan for how expenses, especially significant ones like gifts for children, will be handled.

This can prevent future misunderstandings and ensure that both of you are on the same page regarding financial responsibilities.

Strengthen your bond with your stepdaughter.

Focus on the positive relationship you have with your stepdaughter. Her supportive gesture indicates a strong bond. Spend more time with her and acknowledge her kindness. This can create a stronger family unit and provide your daughter with a sense of fairness and support, even if it didn’t come from your husband.

Encouraging such relationships can sometimes lead to a shift in perspective from other family members over time.

Joy, another mother, found herself in an uncomfortable situation when her daughter began addressing her stepmother as "mom" instead of her. Concerned, Joy decided to investigate the matter further, only to uncover surprising revelations. Here is her story.


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