My Mother-In-Law Put a Camera in Our Bedroom

7 months ago

When her mother-in-law scolded her over the phone for not changing the sheets, the woman got suspicious. A few hours later, she found a hidden camera in her bedroom. Total invasion of privacy. Trust issues? You bet. Now, she’s on a mission to figure out who else has been spying on her and how long it’s been going on.

The woman told the whole story and left anyone shocked

“My husband (M33) got into a car accident almost a month ago. He’s been bedridden due to a back injury, and I’ve been his primary caregiver. The pressure has been too much from my MIL; she keeps telling me to take care of him and be there for him constantly. She begged me to take time off work, and I did. She asked me to send her hourly updates about his condition (first 2 weeks), but when I didn’t, she’d get mad and cause an issue. She visits every day but doesn’t do anything to help; alternatively, she lists all the things I should or shouldn’t do. The family keeps telling me she’s just worried sick for her son, so I try to stay calm.”

“Days ago, she called to berate me about not replacing the sheets quickly. I had no idea how she found out since my husband didn’t call her. My sister-in-law called me to tell me that her mom installed a camera in the bedroom to see if I was taking proper care of her son. I was stunned; after searching the room, I found the camera. I called my MIL and had a huge fight with her.”

“She admitted it and said she was just feeling concerned and wanted to make sure her son was being cared for (despite him calling her every day). I yelled at her, telling her that she was no longer allowed into my home after this. She lost it and went on a rant about how I was stopping her from seeing her son and that not seeing him would literally make her sick herself.

The family called me later to get me to back out of this decision, but I told them she breached my privacy and taken advantage of the situation. They said I was taking it too personally and that I couldn’t blame a concerned mother for wanting to make sure her son’s fine, especially since she listed things she thought I was doing wrong. I ended the conversation, but my husband was upset, telling me I was being vindictive and that if his mom couldn’t come, then he’d move there with her. We argued, then I went outside, and he’s been silent ever since.”

Redditors gave the woman mixed suggestions

  • Report it to the police. Let your husband go home to his mummy. Novykh / Reddit
  • Let your husband move out, then. That woman should be arrested! What kind of family is this? Get out of dodge before you are entangled with children. 13jopbjr / Reddit
  • Where’s the conflict? The relationship is probably over, but have you not realized your husband knew about the camera? She installed it while he was in the room. Glittering-W**-5748 / Reddit
  • You could have been getting dressed. You could have had some ’alone time’. There were so many things she could have seen that she had no right to. I don’t even think I’d talk to her. Auroraburst / Reddit
  • You’re not stopping her from seeing her son; you’re preventing her from literally breaching your privacy in one of the worst ways she could possibly do it again. She had no right to install a camera in your bedroom, let alone anywhere in your house whatsoever just because she was concerned. She should’ve just offered to help whenever she came over instead of just giving you a list (I’m sure you know how to care for your husband) and secretly installing a camera. Silver_ghost17 / Reddit
  • I think your husband moving in with his mom while recovering is the best idea, as he will receive the proper care his family thinks he deserves. He wants it, MIL wants it, let them have it. Just let him know you will take him back anytime he wants it. tatasz / Reddit
  • Let him move in with her. He has shown you where your feelings rank with him. kdkincaid / Reddit
  • Don’t believe your husband. His behavior is absolutely appalling. He blames you for every bad thing that happened to him and his family, as seen in your last post. That is abuse. Straight up. You need to run OP; it will only get worse from here on out. He’s starting to show his real colors. xrumkugelx / Reddit
  • He’s bedridden so it’s not like he wasn’t aware himself of the camera. Mom had to install it in front of him. HomingSnail / Reddit
  • It sounds like he doesn’t respect you sufficiently, and isn’t even protecting your privacy and safety of the home, despite you being his primary caregiver. His decision to blame you, not his meddling, creepy mother, speaks volumes. Honestly, I would be reassessing my marriage in your shoes. ChenilleSocks / Reddit

There are loads of stories out there about mothers-in-law doing sneaky stuff their in-laws don’t know about, just like this one where a mom-in-law cut her baby daughter’s hair on the sly.


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that's was sad for her to do that but hey a mother will do any thing for her children no matter what age they are you would do the same any way if you had kids the point is that you were both wrong and right at the same time now if i was you i would meet her half way while you are working let her take care of him during the day and you do the rest and take care of him at night would he do the same for you interesting thought you should ask him one day any way don't listen to other people family or not at the end of the day the choice is yours i would meet in the middle because of love of the partner and the love of your life it can be hard but yous will work it out thers more to life than being alone


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