19 People Who Decided to Experiment With Their Look but Went a Tad Too Far

3 years ago

From time to time, we all want to freshen up our look by updating our wardrobe or changing our hairstyle. But unfortunately, not all experiments are successful, and we have to suffer the consequences.

We at Bright Side love to discover new possibilities. But having looked at the people from today’s compilation, we’ll be much more careful with hair clippers and unfamiliar hairdressers in the future. And at the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus feature waiting for you, teaching you that for some people, bold experiments with hairstyles serve as pure entertainment.

A bowl haircut in the front and long hair in the back

“This is fire, right?”

“I grew my hair out for 4 years. It was the healthiest it’s been in my entire adult life. This is what I asked for and this is what I got.”

“The left picture was taken by my hairstylist. And I took this photo myself today when I finally realized what the curls were hiding.”

“When I asked for bangs, I certainly didn’t mean this.”

“I was trimming my cut and the guard fell off. I had to shave my hair completely in order to even it out. Now I look like an egg.”

“I let my dad cut my hair.”

“I let my girlfriend style my hair. Now I look like Jimmy Neutron’s evil twin.”

“I’m just going to leave this here.”

“I tried to cut my hair myself. I failed after the first 2 inches of hair.”

“Do you think I really wanted my hair to look like a bird’s nest?”

“My mom’s hand trembled when she was cutting my hair.”

“My barber apparently didn’t know what a ’zero fade’ was.”

“My first attempt at cutting my own hair. I went to work for 2 days like this before my co-worker asked, ’Are you okay?’”

“I cut my hair with kitchen scissors at 5 a.m. on my birthday. I’m afraid to see what happens when my boyfriend wakes up and sees this.”

“My mom: ’Don’t worry, I give haircuts all the time.’”

“I wanted to cut my hair myself.”

“I asked for a short back and sides and ended up walking out of the salon. Another hairdresser was already closing but the barber agreed to work with me, saying that he couldn’t allow me to walk out like this.”

“3 years ago, I decided to try something new. I’m not going to lie, I thought that this would turn out better.”

Bonus: “Every time my girlfriend shaves my head, she has fun experimenting.”

Have you had any bad visits to the hairdresser? Or maybe someone from your family felt the ruthlessness of a broken hair trimmer?

Preview photo credit kittenfloof / reddit


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hahahah im dying laughing. Come on guys and gals!! Just change your barbers :p


After my sister seeing this she said she won't go to the stylist again


I LOVE looking at articles about hair for some reason... this one gave me a good laugh 😆


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