15 Unusual Body Traits We Weren’t Prepared to See Today

8 months ago

In a world with around 8 billion people, it’s fascinating how some are born with truly unique physical features. It’s as if our genes sometimes decide to have a little fun and create something entirely special. Surprisingly, some people don’t even realize their body’s uniqueness until later in life.

1. “My hand pruned a bit while swimming.”

2. “I have naturally pointed ears and a weird notch missing on my right ear.”

3. “The veins on my hand spell out icy.”

4. “I have a blonde spot only on the left side of my face.”

5. “Sometimes people stop in the middle of a conversation to stare at my eye. I wonder why.”

6. “I have an extra tooth on the roof of my mouth!”

7. “My mom has Raynaud’s disease, where your fingers or toes go numb out of nowhere and turn white.”

8. “Due to a pigmentation, the hair on my left leg is blonde, and the hair on my right leg is black.”

9. “My thumb spines!”

10. “The middle of my forehead has a single, invisible hair that grows as long as I let it.”

11. “I can do this with my little finger.”

I can't do it with my left hand and thought that was weird.


12. “I recently was diagnosed with dermatographia, where scratching the skin causes a rash to show up within minutes.”

13. “I have a freckle on my arm in the shape of a perfect heart.”

14. “I have brachydactyly type D, or ’toe thumbs,’ on both my hands.”

15. “I was born without the rest of my ear.”

These are just a few examples of people who have shared the unique traits that nature gave them. There are plenty more out there, like a baby born with heart-shaped nostrils.


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