18 People Who Made a Big Change to Their Appearance, and We Love the Results

year ago

They say if you change your mind, your body will follow. But, as it turns out, this is not only true but also practical. And today, we have 18 people who decided to leave their comfort zones behind and take a step forward. Some of them even shared their tips and will definitely help you reach your long-awaited start.

1. “I decided to do something about my teeth 2 years ago. Here’s the finished product — I’m finally all done!”

2. “Jan 2020 to Jan 2023 — 1-year fitness journey, 18 months into transition. It’s 2 kinds of progress.”

3. “I’m as proud of the weight maintenance as the loss.”

4. 2021 vs 2023, the change is drastic.

5. “Going into a diabetic coma really makes you want to make some changes to your life.”

6. “Hit my goal 6.5 months post-gastric bypass.”

7. “I cut out gluten, dairy, eggs, coffee, and most processed food.”

8. “Oct 2021 to Jan 2023,” this man definitely knows how to set goals.

9. “Amazing how much the face changes!”

10. “Last year, my dad decided to change his life.”

11. “10 years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Along the way, I found myself and couldn’t be happier.”

12. “Fasting, running, and changing my relationship with food”

13. “No one watches you closer than the people who don’t like you. So, if they’re going to watch, make sure you give them a great show.”

14. What’s important is that you feel good.

15. Confidence is the key here.

16. “Changed my diet, started working out, and changed my life, really.”

17. “1 year progress!”

18. “Today was the first time I smiled when I saw an older picture of myself.”

We are so proud of these people. Which of these stories amazed you the most? We’d love to hear your thoughts and stories!

Preview photo credit obvnotlupus / Reddit


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the after of one of them kinda looks likes rdj from the marval moveies


Is it just me or does number 3 look like Robert Downey Jr??


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