22 Happy Couples Shared Photos Through the Years of Their Relationship

4 years ago

When you meet the right person in your life, everything seems to just click. Emotions can turn you into different people, both on the inside and the outside. So, don’t forget to look through your old photos to remember how everything started and what you looked like.

Bright Side has found cute photos of couples that have been together for several years and time only makes them better.

“My wife and I during a dance in 6th grade and then on our wedding day”

“My grandparents, then and now”

“My wife might be a vampire. Left: junior prom Right: almost 20 years later, wearing the exact same dress”

“Mom and dad in 1983 and 2019”

2002 vs 2020

“I convinced my parents to reenact their wedding photo 45 years later, including the same dress”

“We met in second grade in 1997. Here we are 21 years later.”

“I was 10, she was 11. We dated for 9 months. After we broke up, we stayed best friends. Then, almost 13 years later, we admitted that we were both still head over heels for one another and that our love had never faded.”

40 years later

“My parents are celebrating 37 years together today.”

“My grandparents, 50 something years apart”

“My wife and I recreating our picture atop the Seattle Space Needle, 25 years apart”

“My wife and I on our wedding day 2/29/96 and our 5th anniversary 2/29/16”

“My grandparents, 64 years later”

“This couple had 2 photoshoots: one in 1959 for their wedding, and one in 2019”

“My parents, 30 years apart”

“My parents’ engagement photo in 1980, and them on their 35th anniversary”

“My husband and I. Kindergarten class picture to a much improved look!”

15 years of anniversaries

“My parents are adorable, even after 37 years of marriage.”

“My parents in 1983 and 2013. I love them.”

6th to 12th grade

Have you changed during the time you’ve spent together with your partner? Show us what you looked like at the beginning of the relationship and what you look like now in the comment section below.

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they are all so sweet! ?

my parents are together for 25 years now and they still look at each other with so much love and can't do anything without each other, they are constantly together


I enjoy those photos with elderly couples so much. always makes me smile so wide!


The first one reminded me of my brother's relationship. Since he was little he was always in love with her but couldn't have a relationship until now


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