12 True Horror Stories From Parents Who Decided to Trust a Babysitter

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3 weeks ago

You can never know for sure what really happens when parents leave the house and the babysitter is left in charge. It’s a mystery filled with curiosity and a bit of worry. But with today’s surveillance technology, some parents have found out what really happens. Get ready for a journey of surprising discoveries as babysitters show their true colors.

  • My kids were regressing in their movement ability and getting really fat, so I set up spy equipment. Turns out our babysitter was doubling every baby’s food portions and forcefully overfeeding them. M***eN***o2 / Reddit
  • We only had one monitor in our baby’s room. Once we saw on the camera that our son said, “Mommy said I don’t have to do that!” and the nanny snapped back, “Well it doesn’t matter”. And then she dragged the kid out of the room by his shirt. Unknown author / Reddit
  • A friend of mine used to work, husband out of country. Had a 2-year-old kid. They hired a nanny to look after him during daytime. Day by day kid started looking malnourished. So she set up a spy cam.
    Apparently, the lady used to bring her kid and feed him all the food left for the kid she was supposed to babysit. Then she would feed the kid cheap biscuits. She was promptly handed over to police. realxeltos / Reddit
  • My aunt’s friend set up a nanny cam because she noticed that every time she changed her child’s diaper, the child would start crying a lot more than usual. Turns out, when they watched the nanny change her diaper, she would use disinfecting wipes if they were nearby instead of grabbing the baby wipes.
    They fired the nanny immediately, and the father became a stay-at-home dad. calcifyon / Reddit
  • Friend caught hers rummaging through her closet and stealing a blouse. She confronted her about it when she returned home, and the woman played innocent. She was actually wearing the blouse. Unknown author / Reddit
  • The family I nanny for told me that their previous nanny got caught leaving their 3-year-old daughter in the tub with water up to her chest for two hours everyday while she sat in another room unable to see said child. And once she went to run an errand with the same kid, and their doorbell camera caught her putting the kid in a car seat, not buckling her, and peeling off. The mom said you could see the toddler trying to buckle herself in before they took off. torums / Reddit
  • My sister caught the babysitter drinking her breast milk. She had her suspicions because my nephew would go through twice as much milk when the babysitter was taking care of him. My sister set up the camera and caught the guy in the act. Apparently the guy was some sort of fitness nut and had read that breast milk can be very beneficial.
    As weird as it sounds, my sister ended up working out a deal with the guy. She got him to drop the price of watching the kid in exchange for a bit of breastmilk every now and again. gamefreac / Reddit
  • My coworker noticed that his child was crying, so he checked the cam. The nanny (recently hired) was just chilling with his three-year-old and one-year-old, when the one-year-old got close to the edge of the bed. The sitter just sat there, watching, while the kid slowly crawled closer and closer towards the edge. She did nothing and the kid fell pretty hard. Unknown author / Reddit
  • When I was around toddler age, I stopped having babysitters after my parents came home to me crying in my buggy that was left in the corridor by the front door. My parents then found the babysitter with another person who were eating all the food out the fridge. My safety was one issue, but my parents were both out working, we couldn’t afford to lose all that food. lumilatte / Reddit
  • My friend’s parents got a nanny for both their daughters. The younger child was around 2–3 years old when it started. The nanny would, to avoid babysitting, put a huge ant on my friend so that it bites her, and she cries herself to sleep. Eventually the nanny got caught. reeve19 / Reddit
  • A colleague of mine saw that, when his 8-month-old baby cried, the nanny just ignored him and kept watching reality TV, not paying any attention to him while he bawled his eyes out. She did not attempt to console him or anything, she just tried to hear the TV. neneumi / Reddit
  • My parents caught the babysitter washing her and her roommate’s clothes, and it was literally a car load. The water bill was insane, and my parents got suspicious because the laundry soap kept disappearing, so they put up a cam, and sure enough she spent all day doing her laundry. Hushwater / Reddit

One thing is to be disappointed by the babysitter you’ve hired, but to feel betrayed by your mother-in-law is a totally different story. One woman shared her deeply personal story about worrying behavior from her MIL. It turns out the woman decided to share very personal information about her daughter-in-law online with all her friends.


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