13 Photos That Will Move Even the Toughest People

9 months ago

We all have bad days when it seems that everything is upside down and there is nothing good left in this world. If you have one of those moments, here are a few stories that will help you feel better. And even if your mood is great, you should take a look at these stories anyway. You will feel even better!

We at Bright Side thought that these stories were really moving. We had no choice but to share them with you.

13. This picture shows us the hand of a Ugandan boy held by a missionary. It’s a sad reminder about the disparity in this world.

12. “Omg, my brother went on his first date tonight.”

11. The train changed its schedule for one girl.

Since February, the train from Saint Petersburg — Murmansk has a new stop at Poyakonda station. Here, only two passengers get on and off: 14-year-old Karina and her grandmother. Poyakonda is in the South of the Murmansk region. In winter, only 50 people live here and Karina is the only school student here. Some time ago, the technical stop in her village was canceled and a late-night train was the only way for Karina to get home from school. Karina’s mother asked the railway company to change and schedule, and they did!

10. A boy surprising his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

9. A man saved a dog that went under ice

Jake Adam was at a bar when he heard a woman screaming and rushed to help her. It turned out that her dog had been running on a frozen lake and fell under the ice right in the middle. The dog was trying to get out but it was running out of energy. Jake ran to save the dog. He broke the ice, got to the dog, and saved it!

8. A hat for a dog

“I take my dog to my store every day. One older Italian woman liked Bentley so much she came back and gave him a hat she knitted!”.

7. “My face after leaving my doctor’s office and being told my cancer was beat into remission!!!”

6. A man and a dog found each other

This guy got no interest on 3 different adoption days. When we met, he climbed right into my lap and I fell in love. Now he’s my first dog and lifelong best friend. Meet Winston!

5. An old man on the subway on Valentine’s Day

4. An old man feeds his wife ice cream

3. A cat got a coat

Cat, named Philemon, who has been living in a museum for many years finally got a warm coat. On behalf of the cat, the workers of the museum wrote on their website that the cat needed a coat. People from Saint Petersburg found out about this and now Philemon is not afraid of any cold weather.

2. Christmas present, 1987

1. Just a cat at a street market in Vietnam. It’s hard to stop looking at it!

Did you smile while reading the article? Which of the stories seemed the most moving?

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