20 Girls Who Changed One Tiny Thing in Their Appearance and Now Look Like a Million Bucks

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Any woman occasionally wishes to freshen up her look, but not all of them are ready for radical changes, like cutting off their long hair or going blonde after having had black hair for years. But sometimes, a small successful detail can change one’s appearance beyond recognition. And getting bangs can be one of these details that initially started with the thought, “I want to change something in myself,” ultimately ending with the thought, “Darn it, when will it grow back?”

We at Bright Side found photos of the bravest ladies whose experiments with fringes definitely ended with success. Perhaps their examples will inspire you to make a change as well.

“I’m really afraid my husband is just saying he likes my new bangs because there’s no going back.”

“Decided to give bangs a go. Turned out better than expected.”

“I kept hesitating about whether a shag or curly bangs would suit me...well, I finally committed!”

“Before and after I cut and dyed my own hair last night — not sure if bangs suit me, but that’s okay.”

“I tried the Bettie Paige bangs a billion times in high school, despite hating them, but a longer and thinner texture makes all the difference. I haven’t loved my hair this much in years!”

“I’m glad I took a chance and it worked out!”

“Opinions were mixed on whether I should get bangs, so I got bangs.”

“I took everyone’s advice and got bangs!”

“I finally got bangs after consistently feeling bad about myself over the past few years. I needed a change. Here’s to 2021 and finding my self-confidence!”

“I really wanted to hide my forehead, lol. It’s a big insecurity for me.”

“I think I like it but I’m wondering if I should make them thicker and a little shorter...”

“I still can’t decide if I like my bangs or not.”

“I did it! I have bangs!”

“Got bangs and I despise them. Probably going to end up hiding them. Any ideas of how to fix it?”

  • I think you look very pretty with those bangs. Maybe you just have to get used to it!? © Imeoni / Reddit

“Do I look better with or without bangs?”

“Re-bleached and toned my roots, and I trimmed my own bangs.”

“Left side has makeup done by a professional; the right was done by me.”

“Had the same hairstyle for nearly 7 years and I’m growing bored. I cut my fringe and I’m in love. Super proud since I cut it myself, and I think it looks great.”

“So thrilled with how the fringe turned out! I look as cool as I feel on the inside now.”

“After years of being told a fringe would look bad on me, yesterday I woke up, grabbed some kitchen scissors, and did it myself!”

Which girl, in your opinion, looks cooler with bangs, and which of them looked better without the fringe?


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I agree, they look approachable and fun and edgy. Without a fringe (bangs for the US!) they do look a bit hard and sometimes very weird. For me most people with straight hair do better with a fringe.


They all look great some look good with or without but a fringe diesnt suit everyone .


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