“I Blame Myself”: A Singer Embraces His New Look After Most of His Body Was Electrocuted

9 months ago

Meet Axel Schylström, a 30-year-old singer whose life took a dramatic turn at a young age. When he was 19, he received a 16,000-volt electric shock, leaving him with extensive burns covering 70% of his body. Today, he has learned to embrace his new look, but it was a rocky road.

The accident that altered his life.

Axel’s accident stemmed from a particularly bad experience while subway surfing. At 19, he came into contact with power lines, leading to a massive electric shock that burned most of his body and half of his face. He reveals, “I blame myself for what happened, but I don’t hate myself.”

Knowing he would never look the same way again.

The accident had him in a battle for survival, and the recovery was tough. He recalled that his sole aim was to survive during the first month as a burn victim. But the hardest part was realizing he would never look the same again.

The bloom of his music career

Nonetheless, not everything was lost. During his hospital recovery, Axel found solace in music, which inspired him to participate in the Swedish version of American Idol. His dream became a reality when he placed fourth on the show.

After completing his reality show journey, Axel felt a newfound sense of “I can do anything.” He reflected on the deep shame he grappled with before his television debut—a time when he’d rather stay indoors and avoid mirrors. But then, he stepped onto the stage with millions of eyes fixed on him.

Now, his mission is to inspire others.

Today, he manages his music career with his new role as a motivational speaker, fueled by a deep purpose to empower fellow burn survivors. His message is crystal clear after discovering self-love: “Beauty is loving yourself.”

"I don’t think it really matters how you look. It’s about how you look at yourself. It’s okay to be different, "he shares his wisdom.

There are still plenty of people, just like Axel, who proudly embrace their uniqueness, and they serve as an inspiration to us all.


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