A Little Girl Was Called a ’Monster’ Because of Her Birthmark, Until Her Mom Brought Back Her Sweet Smile

9 months ago

Every child deserves kindness and respect, no matter their unique qualities. Luna’s mom deeply understood this. Seeing her dear child being teased sparked a strong desire in her to make things better. With the help of her husband, they dedicated themselves to bringing back Luna’s happy laughter.

When Luna was born, she had a noticeable birthmark called a nevus.

Carolina and her husband, Thiago Tavares, began their parenting journey in Florida with open hearts. But when they saw their newborn baby for the first time, they realized the incredible adventure that awaited them. Filled with joy, they welcomed Luna Tavares-Fenner into their home, and their hearts were instantly full of love.

Carolina felt a strong urge to embrace an opportunity she couldn’t ignore. As she looked at Luna, she knew it was truly meaningful. Luna came into the world with a unique birthmark, a dark patch that added a special touch to her innocent face, resembling Batman’s iconic mask. This remarkable mark covered her eyes, nose, cheeks, and forehead gracefully.

Not everyone understood her uniqueness.

Carolina remembers a hurtful time when a mean lady called her daughter a “monster.” Those words really hurt Carolina and made her sad. Just thinking about someone hurting her daughter’s feelings was too much for Carolina to handle. So, she decided to do something about it.

Putting their beloved daughter’s happiness first, the Tavares family started a big journey that took them out of the United States. In 2019, Carolina bravely talked about their decision to travel for special treatment for Luna. Even though some people didn’t agree, they went ahead with their plan.

Carolina’s strong motherly love made her go above and beyond for her daughter.

Working together, Carolina and her husband worked tirelessly to raise money, getting help from people who wanted to stay anonymous and from their community. They saw these acts of kindness as nothing short of amazing.

Their determined efforts paid off with a diagnosis: Luna had congenital melanocytic nevus, the cause of the dark moles on her face. Their overseas journey led to successful surgeries, reducing the risk of skin cancer. Doctors were impressed by Luna’s bravery during the procedures, despite children usually being scared.

After six surgeries, Luna’s doctor said the nevus had almost disappeared.

Luna’s joyful nature charms everyone around her. Her bright smile and beautiful hair spread happiness and hope, leaving a strong impression on everyone she meets.

On April 9, 2023, during the Easter celebration, Luna was a picture of happiness. She posed lovingly with her parents, radiating pure joy. Every moment with her mom and dad filled her with excitement. Her parents adored her completely, giving her lots of love and delightful surprises. They worked hard to make her world magical and full of wonder.

No doubt, Luna’s future shines brightly with endless possibilities, thanks to her parents’ unwavering love and dedication. It’s easy to imagine a future full of love, happiness, and remarkable achievements for Luna.

And just like that, let’s meet Little Nicole, whose mom has found a brilliant way to celebrate his unique birthmark. She’s turned it into a source of pride and joy, embracing his uniqueness and spreading positivity.


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Why would you get rid of it? who cares what others think. Anyone who has anything bad to say about the birthmark are jerks. Or even better- Jealous


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