The World’s Hairiest Girl Is Completely Shaved, and She Looks Unrecognizable Now

7 months ago

A young lady called names like “wolf girl” and “monkey face” by others believed her situation wouldn’t prevent her from being happy. In time, she found the love of her life, and her story shows how much it meant to her.

She was once called the world’s hairiest girl and experienced teasing and fear from her classmates because of her looks.

On August 5, 1999, something significant occurred in Supatra’s family. When a new baby arrives, parents experience immense joy and anticipation. That’s precisely how Supatra’s mom and dad, Sompon and Samrerng, felt upon her arrival.

Yet, their joy was tinged with astonishment, apprehension, and disbelief as the doctor informed them that their newborn had huge hair. Initially assuming it might be ordinary, their shock deepened when they saw her in the incubator. Supatra’s hair covered nearly every inch of her body, and even the medical professionals in Thailand had never encountered someone with such a unique appearance.

Later, doctors discovered that Natty had an exceptionally rare skin condition known as Ambras syndrome. This disorder is so unusual that only 50 cases similar to hers have been documented worldwide over a long period.

Ambras syndrome leads to excessive body hair growth, leaving only the palms, soles, and the inside of the mouth unaffected. A sudden change in DNA likely causes this.

A young girl looks at the camera, she's covered in fur-like hair on her face.

I must say it doesn't that look like the softest fur ever?


Upon Natty’s birth, as her mom prepared to leave the hospital, the doctors were reluctant to release her, concerned she might abandon the child. Sompon reassured the doctor in response, affirming her commitment never to leave her child behind. She emphasized, “We are lucky that she was born into our family.”

From her early years, Natty experienced the warmth of a loving family. However, not everyone understood her condition, and she had to confront unkindness from strangers and peers as she grew up.

As Natty progressed through her childhood, her face stayed concealed beneath a thick layer of hair, a result of her incurable Ambras syndrome. Traditional approaches like laser removal proved ineffective in slowing down her hair growth. In school, she encountered mockery because of her distinctive appearance, enduring taunts such as “wolf girl” and “monkey face” from her peers.

Nevertheless, Natty couldn’t comprehend the reason behind their teasing. In her eyes, she saw herself as a regular girl with a bit more hair. She expressed, “It’s the way I am.”

In the beginning, Natty’s teacher, Kuljira Posaeng, disclosed that other kids were initially intimidated by Natty’s looks, making her early school days quite tough. But as time passed, Natty showed she was just like any other student. Teachers praised her for being diligent with impressive grades, and she eventually became one of the most popular kids in school.

Her teachers described her as a vibrant girl passionate about singing, dancing, and acting. Her parents treated her just like any other child, never making her feel less important. They took her everywhere and were not ashamed or embarrassed by her distinct appearance compared to other kids.

Eventually, Natty discovered love in her life.

Natty has accepted her condition, recognizing that there’s no cure for it. She embraced the natural growth of her body hair, maintaining it as it had been since birth, only shaving her face when she entered her teenage years. As she matured, her self-esteem and self-image became increasingly significant, and she also discovered love.

She noted, “It began from friendship, then we became a couple.” Their conversations brought her joy, and being together felt natural, with a love she hadn’t anticipated: “It was a kind of love that I didn’t expect would happen to me.”

Later on, Natty married her boyfriend, referring to him as “the love of my life.”

Natty shared images with her significant other, revealing her face without facial hair. This sparked speculation among some that she might have been cured. However, her dad clarified that she chose to shave her facial hair to showcase her new look. Presently, her eyes, face, mouth, lips, and cheeks are visible, with only her forehead covered by the hair on her head.

Having discovered love and happiness, Natty is committed to living a positive life and continuing to positively impact society. She believes that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. Her goal is to inspire others to embrace their individuality and radiate their inner beauty.

A young couple wearing hoodies posing for a photo on a bridge.

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