Model Lost Entire Lips in Pitbull Attack, And She Reflects on Her Recovering Journey

6 months ago

In the wild rollercoaster of life, November 2020 was the game-changer for young skateboarder Brooklinn Khoury. It’s a tale of life before and after a pit bull decided to turn her world upside down. Despite the chaos, her spirit stayed unbroken, and her love for life never wavered. Now, we’re itching to spill the beans on her journey.

She thought he was a friendly pit bull.

Khoury was casually chilling in the kitchen while giving some love to her cousin’s 8-year-old blue-nose pit bull, Diesel. Unfortunately, Diesel, the seemingly well-behaved pup, decided it was showtime and lunged at her out of the blue. Calm and collected, she headed straight to the hospital, hoping for a quick fix to her upper lip.

Surgeons tried their best, but her injured lip remained a stubborn puzzle. She pulled out her phone just to do a quick appearance check, only to discover later that it snapped a pic during the chaos. “I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know how bad,” she spilled. The photo turned out to be a savior, helping the doctor decode the bite marks and piece together the attack.

She shared her mental and physical recovery journey online.

Now, Khoury is not an average social media poster. She’s trying to be real and honest. In one post, she shared, “I don’t know how to explain the way that I feel when I look in the mirror. It’s as if I’m a stranger, embodied in someone I’ve known before.” Open and transparent, she spilled the tea on her recovery journey on Instagram. “When I was attacked, it was so hard to see what the future held for me,” she continued.

Gratitude poured out for those who reminded her to trust the process. Although she admitted that it was scary to see her post-surgery face, she embraced the new version of herself like a boss.

She breaks the perfection façade on Instagram.

Talking about courage on wheels, Khoury, the skateboarding queen, didn’t let the injury slam the brakes on her life. Instagram became her canvas, where she flaunted both the highs and lows. Falls? Setbacks? She put it all out there, refusing to airbrush her reality. She fights the perfect image set by social media life and chooses to embrace herself.

She never allowed her injury to hold her back.

She refused to let her injury defeat her. Still undergoing surgeries, she celebrated her femininity. Visiting Sephora to try new lip glosses, Khoury shared her spontaneous joy with the world.

Her love story is also inspiring.

Life keeps getting better as she’s now dating Chloé Lukasiak, the Dance Moms alum. One year down, and Khoury spilled the beans with a heart-melting message — “This year, because of you, has been, by far, the greatest year of my life.

She is using her personal platform to help others.

Khoury isn’t just sharing her journey for kicks. She’s using her platforms to help others. She opened the floodgates on her Instagram, extending an invite to anyone facing hurdles. “If you are going through something physically or mentally or just need someone to talk to, I am here,” she declared. Life, it seems, is just a skate park for Khoury — full of twists, turns, and the occasional pit bull showdown.

Being inspired by individuals who triumph over adversity is truly remarkable. Another inspiring story is that of Katie Piper, who confronted a harrowing acid attack planned by her ex-boyfriend.


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