I Found Tampons in Our Bathroom, They Weren’t Mine, Then I Made a Revelation About My Husband

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A woman, 35, was happily married to her husband and didn’t have any reason to suspect that he might be unfaithful. But then, she started to notice that there were tampons in their bathroom, which obviously didn’t belong to her. To make things even worse, there were blood stains appearing periodically on their bathroom floor. When the woman confronted her husband, he said he had no clue about what was happening in their house. But the persistent woman went till the end and found out the truth behind the strange things happening in her family.

A woman wrote us to share her curious real life story.

A woman named Paris wrote a letter to our editorial and shared a story that once happened in her family. The woman’s finding might have cost her a happy family life, because really strange things were happening in her house.

Paris opened her letter, saying, «My husband George and I have been happily married for over 10 years now. We’ve always been on the same wave, and we didn’t have secrets from one another. George is a family man, he loves me and I had no doubts that he had always been faithful to me. Up until one day when we have moved into our apartment 9 months ago.»

The woman explained, «One day, I had to go on a long and exhausting business trip to another state. I was away for 8 days, and all this time George and I spoke a lot on the phone and texted each other in messengers. I was pretty much sure he missed me, just like I did.
When I returned home, the first thing I did was taking a shower, because it was hot outside and I was sweating profusely. So, I went to the bathroom instantly after I got home from the airport. I opened one of the drawers in the bathroom and saw 4 tampons lying there right on the top of my personal things. They didn’t belong to me. I was dumbfounded.»

The woman didn’t play guessing games and confronted her husband.

Paris said, «The only person who could actually explain to me the origin of these tampons, was George. So I rushed to him, with these tampons in my hand, and insisted that he must tell me where they came from. But he was in denial, he just opened his eyes wide and said something like, ’Why a man is supposed to know anything about the tampons that are meant for women? I thought they were yours!’»

Paris was absolutely shocked, but having received no clear explanation from her husband, she decided not to make a huge problem out of this incident. Apart from that, she was tired after her trip, so she just let it go.

But then, even more weird things started happening in their house. Paris wrote, «A few months ago, I started noticing tiny droplets of blood that were splattered on our bathroom floor and around the toilet. Of course, I remembered instantly about the tampons I kept finding occasionally in our bathroom. I confronted George again, this time about the blood stains, and he said again that he had no clue about their origin.»

Paris decided to make her own investigation on the bizarre things happening in her family.

Paris wrote, «One day, I found 2 more tampons in our house. This time they were placed in my husband’s drawer near our bed, where he usually keeps his glasses, his pocket books and his other stuff. This was the last straw, I called him and showed him the tampons again, and he started rambling, then told me he had terrible nose bleeds and used these tampons for stopping the bleeding. I didn’t believe a single word he was saying, because I did know he had an allergy which caused him a severe allergic rhinitis, but throughout our whole life together he didn’t have a single nosebleed before.»

The woman wrote, «I decided to install a camera inside our bathroom and in our bedroom, too. Of course, I didn’t tell George about that, and I even pretended to believe in what he was saying about his nosebleeds. I then went on another ’business trip’, when in fact, I was staying for 3 days at my parents’. I wanted him to be relaxed about everything and to give himself out.»

The unexpected truth was revealed very quickly.

Paris wrote, «So, I came back from my ’business trip’ and waited for George to leave home so that I could monitor the video recordings from the cams. When I started watching them, at first there was nothing criminal, except for him eating in the bed, which I totally hate him doing. But then, I saw how George was applying some nose spray and then blowing his nose. He then got visibly annoyed, I guess he mumbled something like, ’Oh, no, again!’ and took a tampon from his drawer, then he used it to stop the nosebleed he was obviously having after blowing his nose.»

So, George was telling the truth when he was explaining to his wife that he had the nosebleeds. But Paris was concerned about the conspiracy George created over the whole thing. So, she waited for him to come back home and asked him the questions straightforwardly.

Paris wrote, «It turned out that George bought some nasal spray for relieving his allergy. Before that, he used to take pills for this purpose, but this time he decided to try ’something new’. He didn’t read the instruction that came together with the spray and was using it randomly, in profuse amounts. This led to him having these nosebleeds. He didn’t want to tell me that he was having an issue with this spray, because he didn’t want me to start preaching him for the thing he usually does and that irritates me all our life together.
George never reads the instructions to anything he buys, he just uses everything at his own intuition, and it has led to many awkward things happening to him before. This time he did what he usually does, he threw the instruction in the garbage bin and used the spray without reading it. I was mad and relieved at the same time. With that being said, starting from that day, I double-check George’s medications and the way he takes them.»

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