9 Kitchen Design Mistakes That Can Turn Your Life Into a Mess

5 years ago

Your kitchen is one of the coziest, most used rooms in your home. We spend a lot of time here, so it should be convenient and multifunctional. But there are several design mistakes that lead to constant inconveniences. Would you want to place an oven right next to the fridge? If you’re not sure, this article is a must-read!

Bright Side has collected the most common mistakes and found useful tips for those who want to have the perfect kitchen.

9. Inconvenient kitchen appliance arrangements

Kitchen appliances shouldn’t be placed too high or too low. Consider your height — the best is right at the level of your waist. For example, it’s better to get your oven off the floor so you don’t burn yourself when you’re taking things out of it.

8. Heavy drawers on thin walls

You may put shelves and drawers on load-bearing walls only. A plasterboard wall won’t bear such heavy weight, so don’t risk it.

7. Inconvenient sinks

The most important things about sinks are convenience and usability. If you’ve always liked round sinks, don’t buy a square one, it’ll annoy you. sink should be spacious and be made of materials capable of withstanding high temperatures. It’s also crucial to choose a good size: specialists think that the best depth is 7 in.

6. Empty corners

It’s important to use all corners, especially when it comes to small rooms. Rotating trays can easily replace useless drawers. Folding doors are rather expensive but they’re really indispensable: you’ll be able to use all the space inside.

Corner and diagonal drawers are also a great solution. You may even put an oven or a sink there, but don’t forget about employing good lightning.

5. Extra seams on a backsplash

A glass sheet backsplash looks really great, which is why many people love it. But don’t forget that dirt and dust will always get behind the glass. Additionally, if you want to save money and buy cheap glass, it may get scratches and cracks. As a result, your kitchen will look untidy.

  • If you still want to use glass, order a long piece of it. The glass shouldn’t be divided into sheets.
  • The most reliable and durable backsplash is made of toughened glass. Don’t try to save on materials.

4. Not enough light

Light is extremely important. Light kitchens look bigger, but if your drawers are of a darker color, don’t forget to buy additional lamps. It’s recommended to install several lights: the main light from above, the light right above the countertop, and a beautiful lamp above the dining table.

It’s also crucial to place all sockets in the right (and most comfortable) way. The more light your kitchen has, the more convenient it is to cook.

3. No plinth

If you have a plinth, you don’t have to clean under all the cabinets and remove the dust and different items that get lost there. What’s more, is your kitchen looks tidier with this 5-inch plank.

2. No spaces between appliances

Buffer zones are the areas between a fridge, a sink, and an electric stove. They’re a must because you take products out of the fridge, wash them, and then cook.

It’s also not recommended to put an oven right next to a fridge: your refrigerator may break sooner. Because of high temperatures, the fridge works extra hard to hold its cold temperature. To keep your stove away from water, don’t put it right near a sink.

1. Inappropriate floors in the kitchen

Though laminate flooring is really popular, don’t put it in the kitchen as it may rise because of water. If you put tiles down, your kitchen won’t look cozy as your feet will always feel cold and your pots and pans may break if they fall down.

We recommend combining tiles and thermally modified wood. Put tiles right near the countertop and put thermally modified wood in the dining zone.

Have you ever faced any of these kitchen mistakes? Do you have anything to add to this list?

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