20 Women Who Were Included in the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020

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3 years ago

The entertaining platform TC Candler has been publishing the annual rating of The 100 Most Beautiful Faces for 30 years. This rating sparks a lot of arguments, as do all similar ratings, because beauty is something subjective. However, the jury of this site is guided by their own criteria.

At Bright Side, we would like to show you the winners, and if you’re interested in the full list, you can see it here.

20th place: Oktyabrina Maximova (a model)

19th place: Banita Sandhu (an actress and model)

18th place: Seulgi (A dancer and singer, she is a member of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet.)

17th place: Anna Van Patten (an actress)

16th place: Lauren Tsai (an illustrator, model, and actress)

15th place: Ella Balinska (an actress)

14th place: Liza Soberano (an actress and model)

13th place: Naomi Scott (an actress and model)

12th place: YooA (a singer and a member of the girl group Oh My Girl)

11th place: Ivana Alawi (an actress and model)

10th place: Nancy (a singer and a member of the group Momoland)

9th place: Josie Lane (a model)

8th place: Nana (a singer, actress, and model)

7th place: Halima Aden (a model)

6th place: Thylane Blondeau (a model)

5th place: Emilie Nereng (a blogger)

4th place: Tzuyu (a singer)

3rd place: Meika Woollard (a model)

2nd place: Lalisa Manoban (a singer, dancer, and a member of the girl group Blackpink)

1st place: Yael Shelbia (a model)

Do you agree with this rating? Who is the most beautiful woman in your opinion? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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this is pretty shallow...there is more to beauty than symetry of features...all woman are beautiful...stop comparing and demeaning us to rediculous ideas...ladies be you in all your glory....dont let mainstream dictate


Lalisa Manoban OFC!!! 🥵🥀🔥🖤💗 #BlackPinkInYourArea 🖤💗


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