10 Examples of Double Standards Many People Still Go Along With

6 months ago

Double standards mean applying the same rule or situation differently to one group of people than to another. Perhaps the most wide-spread double standards can be seen in gender-related matters but are also there in every other sphere of our lives. The most surprising thing is that oftentimes we ourselves apply those standards to the people surrounding us and don’t even notice it.

We at Bright Side call on ditching all existing double standards, but before that let’s figure out whether we are adherent to them as well.

We have totally different attitudes toward dads and moms.

Dads are often praised for whatever they do for their kid, while a mother is often criticized for the same actions.

We tend to reproach “those days” whenever we see a woman in a bad mood.

The body hair topic is still a heavily discussed one.

We relate differently to debates between men and women.

And, of course, we relate differently to the appearance of gray hair as well.

Even in fictional stories, when a man flies he’s a hero, but when a woman does that she’s a witch.

We believe it’s ok for a woman to release her stress through tears and we consider a crying man a dweeb.

its true that society hold men and women to different standards


We justify every mistake a man makes and generalize women’s mental abilities when it comes to tiny mistakes.

We have different body standards for genders:

We have a “You go, girl” attitude toward curvy girls with skinny guys and accuse slim girls of being materialistic when we see them with a heavier man.

Do you find yourself guilty of any of the aforementioned double standards? What other existing double standards can you come up with?


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Lots of these are true IMO. Except for some. But I have really experienced much of these double standards. -Men being “wusses if they cry” -Women arguing is considered a “cat fight” Some people treat moms and dads differently. Moms and dads can be the same level of greatness. There are so many. It may not happen to everyone, but I sure have seen these double standards take place and experienced them


Men and women are NOT equal. You cannot apply the exact same comparison to both in all instances, there are biological differences. Believing anything else is ignorance to biology.


This article is 100% wrong!! Even with superpowers, Superman have Supergirl, and Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel! There is strong women, all around... Vanda Maximoff, Black Widow, Shuri, HULK as a man and SHE-HULK as a Women........Alot of them, every double standard, in that article, goes BOTH WAYS!! If you want to claim it!!


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