10 Illustrations That Scream the World Needs Change

2 years ago

Art is a reflection of society and time, and let’s accept that we do not live in a perfect world. Illustrators from different countries are using their art to depict the problems that we are facing. While some draw our attention to environmental problems, others try to show the horrific effects of everyday social inequality in the hopes that we will be more open to accept them and work toward a solution.

Through this article Bright Side wants to draw your attention toward the problems the world is facing today. And we hope that we can all come together to find a solution.

10. Society creates shame in the wrong places.

9. When you find the easiest yet most unhealthy way to entertain your child:

8. When parents have their child’s life path planned out for them:

7. The problem with the rat race is, if you win, you’re still a rat.

6. People on their way to the gym...

5. The same thing from 2 different perspectives

4. Children need to play, not struggle to survive.

3. Global warming is a “game over” for our planet.

2. Buying love with a modern-day “magic carpet”

1. Healthcare is not about people anymore, it’s about money.

Has technology brought people closer or has it made real relationships sparse? What other major problems do you see in the world around you and what solutions do you suggest for them?


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Me molesta q el sólo echo de se garota le aplaudan y la señalen así de feo por ser madre


Whats wrong with a baby trying to eat?? Adults and kids can eat in public whenever they want, meanwhile babies can't??


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