8 Differences Between Men and Women Very Few People Know About

2 years ago

Humans and chimps are more similar to each other than men and women. This is so...untrue. In fact, men and women can be about 99.7% similar. But, man, that 0.3% makes us quite different and adds some specific features to our lives.

We at Bright Side believe that it’s high time we dove into 8 facts and finally discovered what that 0.3% is all about. Don’t miss the bonus feature at the end — you’ll discover why people once believed that women’s bodies weren’t designed to travel by train.

1. Women may spend more time on the toilet.

But why are there so many memes and jokes about men that seem to be glued to the toilet, you ask? Well, yes, there are some answers to this.

It looks like men do this because they seek solace from life’s problems in the bathroom, one expert says. They read, surf the Internet, and, you know, just enjoy the silence in a somewhat safe place. But women have a different story to tell. Some differences in their bodies, as well as food choices and a pinch of other factors, add to colonic issues that include chronic constipation.

2. Men have larger chompers.

Yes, it seems like teeth have gender. Ms. Science confirmed this idea with quite an interesting experiment. 500 people didn’t hesitate to let scientists make impressions of their upper and lower teeth.

We won’t bore you by describing all the methods the labs used, but there is something worth mentioning. In the end, they exclaimed, “Yes, one can differentiate gender even if the jaws are the only parts that are left of a person.” Well, this isn’t exactly true, but it nearly is. It was also noted that “males show statistically larger teeth than females.”

3. For women, the index finger is nearly the same length as the ring finger.

Take a look at your hands. There are 2 different scenarios you can see there:

1) Your ring finger is longer than your index finger.
2) They are nearly the same length.

It’s time to try our editorial team’s forecasting ability: if option 1 is your story, you’re a man; if you stick to option 2, you’re a woman. If we’re wrong, don’t blame us, blame science. It says that before birth, estrogen and testosterone are the things that control genes, which, in turn, dictate finger length. No magic here.

4. Men grow longer eyelashes.

The first thing to praise men for here is their level of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the growth of all types of body hair. It doesn’t only make hair long, but also helps it appear thicker and fuller.

Second, men have smaller eyes. Smaller eyes and thicker hair make up for a golden formula that results in attractive and prettier eyelashes. And lastly, men rarely use mascara. While this makeup is obviously good when your goal is to enhance your gaze, it makes your eyelashes brittle and weak. There’s just no win-win here.

5. Women fall in love slower than men.

Regardless of what provokes love — whether it be the brain, heart, or hormones — women usually fall in love far slower than men. Scientific studies don’t lie — they say that more than 25% of men fell in love between the first and fourth dates, while only 15% of women reached the same result. And they
say guys aren’t romantic...

6. Single men may smell differently.

There are several ways to find out if the man you’re looking at right now is in a relationship. Some methods are kind of trivial and boring. For example, you can check his ring finger or the status on his social media account. But we’re in love with creativity and suggest that you just sniff him.

Don’t worry, this suggestion is based on a study that confirms single men have a stronger smell. Our old friend, testosterone, is the culprit here. However, some other experts mention poor health and hygiene as causes as well.

7. Women have more nightmares than men.

In fact, women’s dreams can be divided into 3 main groups: being chased or having their life threatened, losing a loved one, or confused dreams.

Waking up in the middle of the night with a pounding heart doesn’t sound like an ideal experience, which is why you may want to try a cool hack to deal with this. Try to create a better ending to your dream once you wake up. This method was included in a treatment program developed by a dream specialist and showed some promising results.

8. Men are less likely to visit a doctor.

Well, it isn’t too big of a secret. But what if we told you that men would rather jump to household chores, like cleaning the bathroom, shopping with their other half, or even mowing the lawn, than go to the doctor? Yeah, that’s interesting. Let’s go into why this is.

Almost 40% of men were told as kids that men don’t complain about their health. Oh, those stereotypes! Also, some men feel embarrassed and uncomfortable and don’t want to be judged by another person, even if it’s a professional. And sometimes they just aren’t very eager to know that there is a problem or that they need to change something about their life.

Bonus: Some experts once believed that women’s bodies weren’t designed to travel by train.

Railway travelers had to sit on wooden benches that were exposed to severe vibrations. In 1870, one expert wrote, “If a woman sets out for a journey by rail the day before her period should appear, she will be very apt to skip one period, and perhaps more. As an indirect consequence, she will be likely to suffer from some form of uterine flexion or dislocation.”

Is your index finger shorter than your ring finger? What other differences did you notice?


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