My DIL Severely Offended Me, She Regretted It When I Opened Up About Who I Really Am

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4 months ago

A woman, 60, has written a letter to our editorial, telling a deeply dramatic story, that happened in her family. She told how her daughter-in-law was constantly poking fun at her, humiliating and mocking her. But the offended woman took her revenge in the most intricate and exquisite way and taught her DIL an important lesson in life.

The woman’s family was a happy one, until her son’s girlfriend came into it.

A woman, named Andrea, who’s 60 years old, wrote us a very emotional letter, in which she told us her story, that could easily become a scenario for a drama movie. She’s a widow and her husband, Alex, passed away 3 years ago. Her son, Robert, is 30, and he’s a very successful young man who has probably everything that could be bought for money: a luxurious car, a nice new house and a very good and stable income.

Andrea shared that Robert is earning his wealth by hard work, and she was sincerely worried that he wouldn’t have time to create a family because of being always busy with his job. But Robert did have a relationship with a woman, 28, whose name was Jessica.

Andrea wrote, “They’d been in a relationship for 1 year before Robert finally decided to introduce Jessica to me. He also was going to ask me for my motherly blessing, because he and Jessica were engaged. Of course, I was disappointed that they decided to get married, and I didn’t even have a chance to meet her before my son proposed to her. But I didn’t say anything, thinking that Robert is a grown-up boy, and he knows what he’s doing.”

Their first meeting went not as Andrea expected. Jessica showed up in their house and immediately started boasting about her education, literacy and “noble” origin. Andrea was silent almost all the time, Jessica was presenting herself in the best possible way, but her heart was beating like mad. She wrote, “I knew that my son’s choice was extremely wrong.”

Jessica appeared to be Andrea’s worst nightmare.

Andrea wrote, “This young woman, she obviously didn’t love my son at all. She loved his money and the attributes of luxury that he was earning. When I once asked her if she wanted kids with Robert, she made a grimace and said, ’You must be kidding, Andrea! I’m going to enjoy life, and kids will make it impossible!’”

Andrea was hesitating a lot, but she never talked to Robert about how inappropriate his future wife’s behavior was. Moreover, Jessica was very sweet in Robert’s presence and was always polite and cordial with Andrea when he was around.

Andrea decided that Robert should be able to see how wrong he was while choosing Jessica to be his wife. She didn’t want to push him to this decision, she wanted him to see on his own, even if it would cost him a lot.

Robert’s wedding was approaching, but Andrea wasn’t happy at all.

Andrea wrote, “So, their wedding day was coming in a week, and Jessica and I had an especially tough conversation. She came to my house together with Robert to pick up her dress that the courier brought me earlier as per our arrangement. It was a third dress already, as she was going to appear in 3 different dresses during the wedding.”

Andrea just asked Jessica if it was so necessary to change 3 dresses during a wedding, especially when neither Jessica nor her parents contributed to the wedding financially, all was on Robert.

And then Jessica fumed. When Robert went to the bathroom, she started hissing at Andrea and calling her names, trying to insult her. Andrea recalled, “She said I’m an illiterate, shallow person, and that I don’t understand how cool it is to have 3 wedding dresses. She claimed I was jealous, she was saying really nasty thing. And, on top of that, she said that I shouldn’t appear at their wedding, that she wants to cut ties with me and will persuade Robert to do so, too. Because she’s ashamed of me, and such a successful man as Robert is, should be ashamed of such a ‘shallow’ mother.”

Andrea took her revenge on the wedding day.

Andrea still appeared at her son’s wedding, despite Jessica’s brutal words. She came there not to feel happy for her son, but to teach a vile woman some nice lesson. She wrote, “I was going to make a speech, and after my speech Jessica was supposed to be totally broken. Or, if her feelings for my son were still sincere, she would swallow this bitter pill, and would stay with him. So, this was also a check-up for my DIL.”

Andrea was given a word as a groom’s mom. Everyone was listening to her, expecting her to say something to her son and her DIL. And she did say something that made a stir at the wedding venue.

She took the microphone and said, “Today, my son is getting married. As a mom, I should have said that I’m letting him go. But as his boss, I’m saying that I’m firing him. I don’t approve of his choice, as his now wife humiliated me many times. So, I’ll leave it up to them to start a new life, a new job and go through this all together.”

Everyone was silent. Then Jessica started shouting and bombarded Robert with questions. Robert told her that he was going to tell her the details after the wedding, and revealed that his mom was actually a chairperson of his company. His dad, Alex, used to own the company, but after his death Andrea became the owner of the business. And she was actually her son’s direct boss.

Jessica got what she deserved, together with a big life lesson.

Andrea told that Robert was sincerely surprised when she said that Jessica humiliated her. He then asked Jessica if this was right, but she started denying everything of course. But then she said, “I just can’t believe that an illiterate person without a proper education could be a chairperson of a huge trust! How is this ever possible?”

Robert didn’t like her remark at all and announced that he was calling off the wedding. Of course, Jessica was in rage and only then she showed her true self, as she started offending Robert, too. But she was asked to leave, and Robert even suggested calling her a taxi for the last time.

Robert and Andrea are now living as they used to, working for the benefit of late Alex’s company. Robert is dating a woman, whom he’s going to introduce to Andrea.

The woman closed her letter, saying, “I hope, this time I won’t have to teach anyone any lessons anymore. I want my son to just be happy.”

And here’s yet another family drama of a woman, whose life was completely turned upside down after she found a tampon in her husband’s car.


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