12 Comics That Show How Fulfilling and Hard It Can Be to Raise a Teenager

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3 years ago

To be a mother can be a hard task — it’s often lonely, demanding, and on top of all that, it lasts a lifetime. During pregnancy and the postpartum period, mothers often receive a lot of advice and opinions about their children’s education. But the truth is, there are no manuals or magic recipes for this: practice makes perfect. And we have to say that the moment of motherhood that requires most practice is often the teenage years.

That’s why Bright Side wants to present you with some of the most common and hilarious situations that moms all around the world are presented with during their kids’ teen years as they feel the urge to rebel but still turn out to be well-rounded kids.

1. Teenagers don’t understand why it’s not a good idea to start washing a greasy pan and then move onto the glasses.

2. They spend most of their time wondering if they should hang their clothes up or down.

3. And sometimes they insist on wearing the same clothes over and over again.

4. And they think that to clean the cooktop, you have to clean with both sides of the sponge. That’s why they have 2 sides, right?

5. Sometimes they try to give you a treat with their best intentions — but then they use the same sponge to clean the bathroom and the kitchen.

6. They can (and will) enter the house with very dirty shoes.

7. It seems to them that everything is clean.

8. Teenagers tend to think and do everything at the worst possible time — and don’t be alarmed if they burp at the table during a meal.

9. Sometimes they make mistakes, but who doesn’t?

10. Who can resist that tender look?

11. They usually think they know more about life than you do and that they can fool you.

12. Maybe they’ll wash all the dishes to make Mom happy — or because they learned that everyone must help out with the housekeeping, even though the dirtiest pot will always stay there, waiting for someone else to clean it.

But in the end, being a mother means being able to mature, grow, and understand that the purpose of love is to evolve.

What about your experience? Have you gone through any of these situations — even if that means you were the teenager? We invite you to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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As a teenager I can vouch that this is VERY hyperbolic. Not sure how parents interpret the stuff their kids do, but if these are the biggest problems you have to deal with you probably have a pretty good life


This is stupid, most of these things are stuff teenagers don't know basically not a choice.


This is very hyperbolic post and there is no rocket science that hoe to grow a teenage IDM Crack

2 years ago
You can't see a comment that isn't there.

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