18 Times People Saw the Magic Hidden in Everyday Life

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Our lives can often get boring and not be that interesting since we generally have the same routine every single day. Breaking up your routine every once in a while and engaging in something unusual for you can be refreshing and energizing. It doesn’t have to be some crazy activity, but a simple pause in what we’re used to doing. There are things around us that we often ignore, so focusing on them for a bit can rejuvenate us.

Bright Side loves it when people find new and exciting ways to spice up their lives and the lives of those around them.

1. “My wife had our bedroom Paris-themed. I thought it needed a bit more.”

2. “My 10-year-old daughter loves to set her Barbies up in elaborate scenarios.”

“This was the scene on our back patio the other day. These ladies have been at this for hours.”

3. “Can’t reach? No worries.”

4. “Instead of the usual beach attire, my family did our portrait as goth this year.”

5. “I made a fireplace with a rotating mirror ball.”

6. “My buddy got hibachi for dinner. His dog is VERY interested.”

7. “Ran my first half marathon today at 40.”

8. “Freehand art I painted on my pool steps”

9. “Friends had a super friendly crow in their yard. He let anyone hold him.”

10. “Halp! Psyduck is being kidnapped.”

11. “Hikes are easy, especially when mom does the hard parts.”

12. “Grew my hair for 3 years to donate to charity.”

13. “I. Can’t. Stop. Taking. Pictures.”

14. “I feel like she needs something.”

15. “Here’s a picture of my cat with a hair filter.”

16. Fast food chain workers tackling the heat

17. “This emergency button at the venomous snake exhibit.”

18. “Saw a pink spider.”

Have you ever done anything similar that brought so much joy to you and those around you?


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