18 Girls Whose Spontaneity Is Borderline Genius

4 years ago

Every girl has their fair share of original humor, logic, and skills when it comes to being self-deprecating. When these 3 factors are all combined, the result turns out to be so unexpected that they instantly spread online.

We at Bright Side want to say one more time that a woman’s charm has a lot to do with their spontaneity. And the characters from this article just confirm this theory once again.

“School students today: They have their own opinion about everything and have decided their position on different global issues.

Me, when I was a school student:...”

When the feeling of guilt is written all over your face:

Expectations were crushed by this cruel reality.

“This is the worst picture ever taken of me.”

When grandma is just not in the mood.

Beauty requires that some decisions be made in desperation.

Your girlfriends will never leave you alone when you’re in trouble.

This approach helps me invent new dishes.

“My 4-year-old daughter asked for a real laptop. I made this for her.”

It’s nice when you can joke about everything with your mom.

“I made a bread toad.”

Someone went further and decided to bake (in addition to the toad) a bread rat, a bread flea, and a bread centipede.

We have several questions for lingerie manufacturers.

Female solidarity, sometimes, goes beyond the limits.

“I didn’t have enough money to buy a robot vacuum, so I made my own.”

This is why you shouldn’t fight with your wife.

“I came home from work and saw my wife in her wedding dress. We’ve been married for 8 years, and it’s our anniversary today.”

It’s difficult to understand who the traitor is here — the scale or the food.

What is your most unusual memory of female humor or extraordinary behavior?


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The girl in the water ahhaah I'm laughing so hard. This is EXACTLY how my boyfriend depicts me in pics EVERY SINGLE TIME! It's like he does this on purpose :p


And as I was about to get a vacuum cleaner robot well... this guy came and I think I should make my own too :p :p :p


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