19 Photos That Leave Us With a Lot of Questions

2 years ago

Sometimes we need exercise not only our body, but also our brain. A nice little riddle can do the trick, as well as infinite number of existing crosswords and puzzles. Even some random photo can make your brain work hard.

Bright Side has gathered pictures that left us sitting here in confusion for a minute and gave our brains a good workout.

Fork that’s also chopsticks

My finger has a pattern from the bandaid only where new skin is growing.

They said something about not having cones then handed me this.

Is my glass full or empty?

My sleeping cat looks like it has 2 tails

Thanks roomie

This photo of a man that looks like Albert Einstein beside the Waldo arm

The picture on my coffee creamer for my flight from Iceland is of a worker at a slaughterhouse.

Target! Why is there a head of cabbage in a bouquet of flowers?

Found this car covered in artificial grass on the way home from a car show

Tampa Police cruiser is in real trouble

Candle stopped candling

My family recently had a wake up call.

Snoopy’s real face

A choice of grapes on one branch

Copy-paste gone wrong

Regret doing that photo shoot yet?

Thanks for sharing?

Well done

My wife bought this dress online for $2 for my daughter to wear to Disney World. I regret pointing it out.

This pond statue is raising a lot of questions.

Can you make sense out of any of these pictures? Please be sure to share your thoughts with us since we can’t make heads or tails of them.


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