15 Times People Saw Something That Made Them Shout, “Oh, No!”

2 years ago

In an age where it seems that we’ve seen everything and heard it all, there are still a few things left that have the power to completely shock us. We might first feel unsettled or even a bit angry when we see how far some people may go with their eccentricity. But if we give it a moment to settle, we’ll realize that these unique sights are refreshing, and they give our mind a break from the boring routine of everyday things.

At Bright Side, we’re fascinated by how absurd the human mind can get at times. So we’re sharing some situations that will make you feel like you’re watching a surreal movie.

1. “This nail art that my friend did”

2. ’’Saw this at a Golden Corral.’’

3. ’’I found this gem in a restaurant.’’

4. ’’This man at my college wearing socks with pictures of his own face on them’’

5. ’’When my 5-year-old eats grapes’’

6. ’’These salt and pepper shakers that my aunt keeps on her shelf’’

7. ’’So I was in class when I saw this guy reading an IHOP menu.’’

8. ’’Freshly squeezed lemonade I ordered’’

9. ’’I saw some stairs in my girlfriend’s new flat.’’

10. ’’I found this at Disneyland today — a Steve Carell shirt.’’

11. ’’Found this at my local 7-Eleven.’’

12. Taking hairstyles to the next level

13. ’’How my wife eats Kit Kat bars’’

14. ’’My man looking like Togepi’’

15. ’’Egg heels’’

Do you feel unsettled or amused when you come across such sights? Do you believe that uncommon people and their quirky ideas make the world a more fun place to live in?

Preview photo credit ellefanning/Instagram


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