15 People Who Found Something Way Cooler Than a Wallet Filled With Money

3 years ago

One can read Wikipedia all day long, then turn around and see something mind-blowing with no explanation. Well, these kinds of things actually exist — we just don’t always know it. Internet users shared photos of their cool finds, and we decided to compile an article out of them.

Bright Side regularly creates compilations like these, but every time we do, we come across something that simply can’t be ignored and not included in the next one.

“I’m overwhelmed by this albino cucumber that was found in our garden. Join me in my wonder and feast your eyes.”

“My bird feeder has gotten so moldy, I think it might be sentient.”

A fiery feather of a rainbow in the clouds over Wallowa Lake in Oregon

This sweet potato that looks like a human heart

“We discovered this thing under the bathtub. Panicked, we started to Google all types of existing eggs, and we even guessed that they were the eggs of a crocodile.”

“Internet users helped us. It turned out to be a blister pack with medicine.”

“We had purple clouds yesterday in Freiburg, Germany.”

“Trees came down on high voltage power lines near me and they melted the road.”

This is how an exploded can of foam spray looks:

“My cherry tomato turned over and had a naturally made number on it.”

There’s a strange-looking fungus growing in this barrel...

  • It’s not a fungus, it’s bacteria.
    What you’re looking at is called a pellicle. The pellicle forms a barrier with the atmosphere and acts as protection for the little cells to grow and keep out any competition. The bacteria are eating something in the water producing a little bit of gas, likely carbon dioxide, which is forming those bubbles. What was stored in the barrel before? The bacteria need something caloric to eat, carbohydrate, fat, protein, or alcohol, to spread like this. © Galtsgulch232 / Reddit

This tree survived being cut down.

“These ants figured out that this was poison, so they’re building a rock barrier around it. It’s happening on 4 other sites on my patio where I applied it.”

“Today on my walk, I found this GIANT dandelion.”

“The Fibonacci spiral on a cauliflower we got”

Is it the first time you’re seeing a firefly this close?

Please share your finds with us. We look forward to seeing them in the comments!

Preview photo credit htotut / Pikabu


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COOL? Not for who’s lost the wallet... and cooler is who return it to is legit owner as found!


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