My MIL Showed Up at My Wedding With My Husband’s Ex, So I Quicked Both of Them Out

2 months ago

Imagine the excitement of saying “I do,” only to have your mother-in-law stroll in with none other than your husband’s ex. This is exactly what happened to the woman in today’s story. Prepare for a rollercoaster ride through one bride’s unforgettable wedding day saga.

She shared her story.

I (28F) met my husband (27M) four years after he divorced, whom everyone in his family calls “the love of his life”. It’s okay, I don’t really care if they think that way because my husband has assured me that it’s not the case and that he’d never consider her the love of his life. He told me that they were pretty toxic and that the relationship grew so bad that the best for both of them was to let go, even when his first wife, ’’Mindy’’, didn’t believe it.

It was pretty hard for me to get accepted into his family, especially for his mother, she was so, so, so in love with Mindy and adored her as her DIL. They were pretty close and even got depressed after Mindy moved to another state since she didn’t want to be near my husband.

Time went by, and my MIL and I bonded after the traumatic loss of my father-in-law almost two years ago. His passing crushed her horribly and my husband and I tried to be there for her as much as we could since he’s their only child. The joy came back to her life after we had our first son. My mother-in-law found a new push to live thanks to him and even though we didn’t become the perfect family, we are close enough to let my MIL know she’ll never be alone again.

But recently, money became tight for us and after having our baby, my husband and I decided to prioritize our needs. We used what his father left him and some of our savings to buy a house and decided to have a small celebration after we were legally married, but my MIL said no. She offered to pay for it, since she was proud of my husband for doing what was best for our son. At first, we said no because it didn’t feel right, but my MIL convinced us, saying that she didn’t want to miss the wedding just as her husband did if we ended up taking too long.

We made it small and simple because we didn’t want to take advantage of her, and we even let my MIL have her way in some decisions. When the big day came, she had Mindy by her side and my husband and I were confused. My MIL approached us, and we asked her what was happening, she said that she’d invited her to the wedding because it was a special day. My husband said that yes, it was a special day for us and that Mindy had no business being there and would appreciate it if she left.

My MIL looked at me and I said that I would rather that too, but my MIL got angry and said that she paid for the wedding, and she could invite anyone she wanted. While we both agreed, we said that Mindy wasn’t really ’’anyone’’ and that it was the fact that she hadn’t told us before rather than inviting her.

She said that if Mindy had to go she’ll follow and my husband said ’’then do’’. She ended up saying that she’s gonna stay but that we had to tell Mindy to leave, which my husband gladly did, and my MIL spent all the evening mad. After the wedding, we offered to pay for half of it or even everything if she wanted, but she said that the damage was already done.

People were by her side.

  • “The fact that she quickly pointed out that she is the one who paid for the wedding makes me believe that this was her plan all along.” CameraLarge4749 / Reddit
  • “Really weird that the ex would even want to be there.” Chrestys / Reddit
  • “She didn’t offer to pay for them as a couple, she only saw her son and grandson.” Pretty_Princess90210 / Reddit
  • “She chose an odd and expensive way to try and break you and her son up. I think some time apart until she apologizes is the best for everyone.” eventhorizon130 / Reddit
  • “She showed you who she is. Don’t let her pay for things in the future.” jennylouwhoo / Reddit
  • “Cut her out. Do it now. She is toxic. She knew exactly what she was doing.” Illustrious-Band-537
    / Reddit
  • “Who knowingly goes to their ex’s wedding? Seems like some unresolved feelings there.” ts1985
    / Reddit
  • “Nobody brings the ex of the bride or groom to the wedding except to cause drama. This is unacceptable behavior and does not support your relationship in any way.” McHell1371 / Reddit
  • “Don’t reward that behavior with apologizing, backing down, letting life go on as it used to. She gave you and her own son a serious slap in the face on your WEDDING DAY. Unforgivable.” dart1126 / Reddit
  • “Paying or not, the wedding is not hers to decide who is or is not welcome in the event.” PercyLegion / Reddit
  • “Wow. Talk about someone being passive-aggressive, your MIL takes the cake.” Janetaz18 / Reddit
  • “A huge red flag... You’re gonna have to deal with this woman forever.” NoFleas / Reddit

Though the day may have been marked by unexpected twists and turns, it also served as proof of the bride’s resilience and unwavering commitment to her own joy. As the sun sets on this remarkable tale, one thing remains clear — love may be unpredictable, but it’s the choices we make in the face of adversity that truly define our happily ever afters.

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