My In-Laws Didn’t Invite Me to Dinner for a Humiliating Reason

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Imagine planning a family trip with your in-laws, expecting some fun and relaxation. But instead, you find yourself facing unexpected challenges tied to social status and cultural norms. This young woman finds herself grappling with tough decisions influenced by family expectations and societal pressures.

"I went on a family trip with my in-laws a couple of weeks back. My mother-in-law has the idea that I'm not very cultured or well-mannered because my family isn't as well-off as hers. She thinks I lack proper etiquette just because we're from different backgrounds.

Originally, the family didn't want me to join their plans, but my husband really pushed for it and practically begged them to invite me. It's not just me either; even my brother-in-law's girlfriend wasn't invited."

"When we got to the hotel, they made plans to go to this expensive restaurant for dinner. My husband didn't tell me about it until the last minute after he was already dressed up. When I asked him what he was up to, he casually mentioned that he and his family were going out to eat, but I wasn't invited.

His excuse? His mom thought I wouldn't be comfortable with the type of food and how to behave at such a fancy place, so she thought it would be better if I stayed at the hotel for dinner. Instead of arguing, I just let him go and then packed my bags and left, catching the first flight home."

"After I left, my husband freaked out and called me a bunch of times. He said I was being unreasonable and ungrateful, and he even accused me of making him look bad in front of his family, even though he begged me to come along on the trip. When he got back home, he wouldn't even talk to me and just ignored me. And to make matters worse, his family indirectly criticized me on Facebook for leaving."

The woman questioned if she reacted too strongly, but the consensus from users was that she did the right thing in the situation.

  • His family isn't nice, but he didn't defend you when his mother said such atrocities? He thinks his mother is right, and you don't belong there. Get out, now, fast, and find yourself someone who appreciates you. ****saxo / Reddit
  • My in-laws would never do anything like this, but also my husband would have said, "Well, I'm not going if she's not invited," because that's what a husband does. Not sneak around like a little child who knows they're doing a bad thing. WhichWitchyWay / Reddit
  • It sounds like you have a husband problem. Did he go along with you not being included in going to dinner? That is incredibly rude and disrespectful. He didn’t defend you. He could have declined the dinner invitation and gone out with you instead.
    If you want this relationship to last, you both need to go to counseling to learn communication and boundaries. He also has to grow a spine to deal with his mother. Ok_Nobody4967 / Reddit
  • I’d reconsider being married to this person and make sure I do not get pregnant. No one wants their kid to be treated so poorly. mortgage_gurl / Reddit

I think you should think long and hard before you bring children into this situation. Imagine if they would have treated you like that in front of your children? I think everyone is right, it was up to your husband to stand up for you. Someone who loved you would be excited to share the new experience with you. He should have simply said I wouldn't be comfortable there without my wife.

  • It's offensive for your husband and his family to exclude you from this dinner. Their reason for doing so is atrocious. It's even worse for him not to inform you in advance that he'd be having dinner without you. That your husband doesn't understand why his behavior and his family's behavior is completely unacceptable. svmonkey / Reddit
  • Not only would I have gone home. Once there, I would have packed up my stuff and left. He and his family are monsters. JustMyThoughtNow / Reddit
  • Wow! When it comes to world-class rudeness, this one is right up there. Does your husband even like you??? ArtShapiro / Reddit
  • How is one to learn how to eat such food if they are never taught? Seriously. Your husband should have given you a lesson beforehand. I attended a formal etiquette class in adulthood where I was taught everything from the proper way to eat soup (way more complicated than I would have thought!), take a pit out of your mouth, what to do with gristle (on the side of your plate, not spit in a napkin), and the correct way to butter your roll. Affectionate_Hat6293 / Reddit

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He isn't worth it! If he can't stand up to his parents and say you go with or he doesn't go, then he's a spoiled selfish disgusting person!! You should be number one in his life. He married you... Not his parents!! They should stand up for and accept you as his wife... they should be ashamed for being so uppity and goody two shoes type people. I've been in that situation and "high class snobbery" is disgusting and beneath me!! I won't accept it and noone else should eityher.... NOONE IS BETTER THAN YOU OR ANYONE ELSE< I DON"T CARE HOW RICH THEY ARE OR HOW MANY FANCY CARS OR PLANES THE OWN OR MANSIONS!! WE ARE ALL GODS CHILDREN AND NONE BETTER THAN THE NEXT!!


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