16 Famous Men Who Were Ridiculously Hot in Their Youth

year ago

Time is a powerful thing. Sometimes it flies so fast that we completely forget that our favorite actors were once young. And this is very sad because many of them were so handsome in their youth that we can’t take our eyes off them. If you still don’t believe us, check out our compilation.

1. Simon Baker

2. John Slattery

3. Pedro Pascal

4. Peter Facinelli

5. Andrew Lincoln

6. Billy Burke

7. Ewan McGregor

8. Daniel Gillies

9. Johnny Galecki

10. Michael Sheen

11. Tom Ellis

12. Guy Pearce

13. Matt Letscher

14. John Stamos

15. Billy Bob Thornton

16. Rufus Sewell

Well, it was really hard to put all these handsome men in one article. We wrote a second part if you want to see other Hollywood hotties and a young version of Mark Ruffalo, aka The Hulk. Spoiler: he will steal your heart.


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All these men are either White or White passing. No brown-skinned or East Asian guys. What a shame


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