At 94, Clint Eastwood Makes a Rare Appearance at Daughter’s Wedding — People Are Saying the Same Thing

3 weeks ago

Photos of Clint Eastwood in recent years have been rare, but fans were delighted to see the star at his daughter's wedding. The 27-year-old pregnant bride said "I do" on her famous dad's ranch in California, and the photos quickly garnered attention and admiration once they were shared online.

Shame on you, high light pregnancy at this day n age. Happy occasion for all !!!


Morgan Eastwood, the youngest of Clint’s eight children, tied the knot with 27-year-old Tanner Koopmans, an energy salesman. The bride glowed in a cream-colored silk dress and chose a delicate lace veil for her special day.

Her dad Clint attended the ceremony and was captured in a touching photo gently caressing his daughter's baby bump during the event.

People online loved the adorable photos that were posted on social media, and they showered their beloved veteran actor with sweet words and noticed that the 94-year-old star looks well for his age.
One person noted, ''Clint looks great, and they all look happy celebrating the occasion.'' Another wrote, ''Clint Eastwood is still so handsome and wow at 94!... He is a legend.''

Eric Kowalsky, PacificCoastNews/EAST NEWS, Grosby Group/East News

While Morgan is his youngest child, Clint's oldest is 69-year-old Laurie Murray, who was born while the actor was engaged to another woman. Laurie was adopted by a couple, and Clint didn't know of her existence until she reached out to him. Despite the late start, the father and daughter have formed a close bond.

Just like Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks is another Hollywood icon. His recent appearance with his wife created a major buzz, with people noting his transformed look. Check out the photos here.

Preview photo credit Eric Kowalsky, PacificCoastNews/EAST NEWS, francescaeastwood / Instagram


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