12 People Who Got a Sudden ’’Ick’’ Towards Their Love Interest

7 months ago

We’ve all experienced an inexplicable attraction to someone. However, not every initial spark evolves into romance. In fact, the surprise may hit us when a date or conversation with our crush turns our initial infatuation into repulsion. This article explores instances where passion took an unexpected turn for these people.

  • I was on a date with a guy, and we were double dating with my best friend and her boyfriend. I had to work that night at 11. So around 10, I mentioned I needed to be taken back to my car. He acted all cute, trying to get me to call in and continue the date, and finally, I was like, seriously, please, I have to get going. Then he got a little mad and said, “Why? You’re just a waitress.”

    That has stuck with me ever since. I’m not “just” anything, and neither were the people at my job waiting for me to arrive so they could go home. © SnooHobbies7109 / Reddit
  • It was a Saturday morning, and I went on a date with a girl who seemed perfectly fine at first. She was really nice and made interesting conversation, clearly cared and put effort into the date. But then halfway through, she gets a call on her Bluetooth headset, which I hadn’t even noticed beneath her hair.

    It turned out to be a work call with a coworker, and she started discussing some clearly stressful topic — planning a meeting or something. They got to near arguing, and she kept rolling her eyes and sort of half-winking at me every time the coworker said something that annoyed her. She ended up saying she had just seen a car crash and she had to run (which weirdly got me back into her a bit since that’s a slick move) but then immediately called another coworker to complain about the first one. And kept winking at me. © d***sjshsb / Reddit
  • She was attractive, into me, laughing at my jokes, etc. I was into her as well; we had great chemistry, everything was there. One day we were out with a group, and some random guy makes a mediocre joke — the kind you give a courtesy laugh to be polite. She not only doesn’t laugh but says, “you’re not funny.” The guy looked a little sad and went quiet.

    Having been on the receiving end of that a bunch of times in my life, it felt like she was saying it to me, and I just instantly lost all attraction for her. © accepts_compliments / Reddit
  • She came over after three dates and got into an argument with me about where the dishes in my kitchen were and how wrong I was to place them like that. Even though all dishes were clean and put away, she just didn’t like where I had them. © Electronic-Beyond-97 / Reddit
  • I found out the reason he rented the house next door to his parents was so his mom would make his meals, wash his clothes, etc. He had the audacity to say, “let me call my mom” when I mentioned I was a little hungry. © SpeechDistinct8793 / Reddit
  • I dated this girl, and it was going really well for a couple of weeks, up until one of my best friends got married. She wanted me to cancel it to hang out with her. When I didn’t do that, she sat in front of my flat the next morning (around 8 am), texting me for a couple of hours to come down to go hang out. © D-S-S-R / Reddit
  • First date, I was filling gas, and she started going through my phone. I saw her go through it and continued to fill gas as she read my text messages. I’m a fairly open person with little to hide, but I do value trust and honesty. As soon as the pump clicked, she put it back in a hurry. I skipped the dinner plans and dropped her home.

    “If I can’t even trust you with my phone, I can’t trust you with my future.” © trekmadonetwo / Reddit
  • I was very interested in a girl, absolutely beautiful. She’s big on Instagram, lots of followers, her pictures get over 1k likes. We were at a party, and I was talking to her, just a foot away. She was completely mesmerized by her phone, had so much makeup on, and in that moment, I realized most of this person’s life is just to exist for social media. It was one of the biggest instant turn-offs I ever felt towards someone that attractive before. © E***ngehh / Reddit
  • I had one guy who I was on a first date with; he was nice enough at first. But then he started bragging that I should be happy that he chose to drive one hour to see me, and that he had other girls he could’ve seen instead. He was overly confident that I was in love with him. I noped out so fast! © ethereal_empress / Reddit
  • This guy I used to go to school with added and messaged me out of the blue on Facebook, asking me on a date. He was cute and nice from what I remembered, so I said yes, and we continued to casually chat back and forth in the days leading up to the date. I mentioned I’d just gone to make a cup of tea, and he asked me how I took my tea. When I told him, he got aggressively insistent that I made tea “wrong” because, and I quote, “that’s not the traditional British way.” It just rubbed me the wrong way, made a warning bell go off in my head because it was so strangely aggressive for such a trivial thing. So I told him never mind on the date. I ended up having to block him because he took the rejection about as well as he took the tea. © ThePersnicketyB***h / Reddit
  • I asked him if the Earth was flat or round. He said flat, sitting on pillars with a dome over it. I questioned him further because I thought maybe he was joking. No. He was serious. I did not meet up with him. © lgfromks / Reddit
  • I would hang out with this guy, and when I played my music in my car, he would start singing along loudly and badly. I would be confused because it would be Spanish music sometimes (he’s not a Spanish speaker). After a couple of minutes of hearing him sing the songs wrong, I would ask him, “Do you know this song?” just for him to be like, “Nope,” and continue. © Total-Attempt-1602
    / Reddit

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