10+ Real Stories of People Who Interrupted a Wedding

7 months ago

In the world of weddings, a lot can happen. However, when the officiant says “Speak now, or forever hold your peace,” everyone hopes there’s nothing but silence. That isn’t always the case though. Whether to confess serious mistakes or to try to be funny, there are plenty of stories about people interrupting weddings. Some of real-life dramas and comedies were shared online and they’re fascinating to read.

  • Went to a co-worker’s wedding and the maid of honor objected and admitted to being the other woman, and that the groom had been cheating with her for months. The bride left in tears and the groom immediately tried to get with the MoH, but she told him she wasn’t gonna hurt the bride further and that he needs to stop. The bride is doing much better and is now a manager here. I haven’t heard from the groom in over a year. The MoH and bride are on speaking terms, but I don’t think their relationship is going to ever be what it used to be. © saffronar / Reddit
  • One of my friends interrupted his cousin’s wedding to come out of the closet. He couldn’t understand why people were so mad at him. This was the second time he had come out to his family as well. The first time was when he was a teenager (about 8 years earlier) and 90% of his family that was attending said wedding was already aware. © Parkstreet2north / Reddit
  • At my own wedding. But not in the traditional way. We were getting married along a river at the end of summer and tons of wake boarders and boats were out. I was a ball of nerves and the ceremony felt so serious...when all of a sudden some dude bro on a boat blasting music screamed “Don’t do it bro!!” And sped off.

    It was actually hilarious and made the rest of the ceremony a lot more fun. My husband and I cracked up even though his brothers looked like they were about to jump in the river after the guy! © Coopamonster / Reddit
  • The father of the bride had been pretty absentee after her parents’ divorce. He had re-married and gotten into a different religion, and they were both pretty terrible. The new wife was not invited to my friend’s wedding but the father came and it seemed like he was there to be supportive. He stood up during the vows and proclaimed my friend was “awful just like her mother” and that the groom “should get out while he can.” Still not the worst wedding I’ve ever been to though. © taradactyl819 / Reddit
  • A wedding I was at, one guy got up and pledged his undying love for the bride, followed by four or five others objecting for various reasons, including one guy’s love for the groom. By the second or third objection, though, it was clear that the whole thing was a clever ruse. I found out later that it was all set up by the bride as a prank on the unsuspecting groom, and family and friends. It was pretty hilarious! © stevo_james / Reddit
  • I went to a wedding when I was 5, it was between my older brother and his fiancée. Anyways, they said the whole “speak now” spiel and right before he was done little 5 year-old me said, “I OBJECT!” And everyone turned to me. I was dead silent because I didn’t know what would happen. My dad asked me, “Well, why do you object?” And I said, “I did not know what would happen if I did,” and I was promptly seated. © Camero32 / Reddit
  • I was at an outdoor ceremony once, with a storm coming in. The pastor was trying to move things along so that we wouldn’t get caught in the rain (the reception was indoors). He asked if anyone knows of any objection, and instantly, there was a loud clap of thunder. To his credit, the pastor just paused a moment and then said, “Anyone else? Alright, in that case...” And finished the ceremony.

    The couple is still together, and happily as far as I know. So take that, passive-aggressive supernatural objector! © yshavit / Reddit
  • Nobody had said “speak now”, but the groom’s ex still decided to get up and scream that he was her soulmate, that she forgave him for “this whole thing”, and that they should leave now because he’d proven his point. By breaking up with her, five years earlier, falling in love, and holding a wedding.

    I ate so much cake at that wedding. Meanwhile everyone else was screaming and throwing things. Good times. The bride was my boyfriend’s ex as well. No idea why they invited us. © Ha***redH***ic / Reddit
  • The groom himself. He just stood up there and started crying and, in front of everyone, told the bride that he’d fallen out of love with her a while before but he didn’t know how to break it off. It was extremely uncomfortable, they both stepped out, and ten minutes later came back out and got married, because she’d apparently told him she was pregnant. They’re still together, with three kids, and I’m not sure about the husband but I can confirm that the wife is having an affair. Neither of them are happy, but she has a comfortable life and he doesn’t have the spine to leave. © n***d_nun_run / Reddit
  • A member of my wife’s family had a pirate themed wedding. A rival pirate appeared and objected to the wedding. The groom dueled him with rapiers and won. © Mister_E_Phister / Reddit
  • At my cousin’s wedding when the exchanging of vows took place, my aunt shouted, “Wasn’t there supposed to be a part where you could object?” © leshiye / Reddit
  • For years, the groom and the best man are super close, room together, and the running joke is that they’re more than friends. Later on, the groom meets the bride, falls in love, and proposes. The new running joke is that the best man is very disappointed that the groom is marrying someone else.

    At the wedding, the officiant asks if anyone has objections. The best nan objects. The officiant quickly overrules the objection. It was planned, and the bride thought it was a funny way to acknowledge the super close friendship between the groom and the best man.

    Did not result in anyone being kicked out or awkwardness. Fun and surprisingly appropriate. © rburke319 / Reddit

Being honest with your significant other is harder than it seems. In fact, sometimes it can backfire. Here are a few stories of people whose confessions ended their relationship.

Preview photo credit n***d_nun_run / Reddit


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