15 People Who Won’t Ever Want to Say “Make Yourself at Home” to Their Guests

2 years ago

It’s nice to know when the doors of your friends’ and relatives’ homes are open to you. It is also nice when they sometimes visit your place. Delicious treats, engaging conversations, laughter and jokes — what else can we expect from close ones? However, when inviting people to your home, one should be ready for anything because some people don’t respect the rules set by the hosts, cause a lot of trouble, and even leave unpleasant surprises after themselves.

We at Bright Side can only empathize with the characters of our compilation who will unlikely dare to invite someone to visit them in the nearest future, even close relatives.

1. I hosted some guests.

2. “Some kids came over and found my newtons cradle and I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to untangle it.”

3. “A friend came over and started making a waffle but forgot about it, then they left the iron like this for me to clean up. This is after 30 minutes of careful scraping.”

4. “Me and my dad had been working on a puzzle for the past week over the holidays. Grandparents came and helped clean the place.”

5. We wonder if everything is this ideal in their own homes?

6. “My brother came to Christmas and took a shower; this is what he left behind...”

7. “Two reasons why I don’t like to host guests. I am ready to punish them for the dirty mirror.”

8. “Ordered a pizza and cheesy bread for me, my girlfriend, and her friend. Came back after grabbing plates to this...”

9. “It’s a bad idea to invite me to come over.”

10. “My friend brought a stray dog to my place. She washed the dog with my shampoo and then took a piece of meat from my fridge and fed the dog with it.”

Your friend has a good heart p.s I hope you are not allergic to dogs and the dog is fine he/she is so cute!😍


“I couldn’t even say anything — I was totally shocked. When the dog left the bathroom and flooded my corridor with water, I started to cry.”

11. “My sister’s boyfriend came over to stay for a bit... These are my toothbrush and his.”

No. what a way to cheat but not cheat. now paint yours a differ color or just hide it


12. “Our guest using the wireless charger as a coaster.”

13. “We had guests over who were playing VR.”

14. “When you invite family over for a party and someone uses the sugar spoon to stir their drink.”

15. We hope it didn’t happen at the moment when the clock was ringing in the New Year.

Are you always happy to have guests over? Do you ever feel relief when they leave? What weird things have guests done in your home?

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they get worse with every pic.
No way you want these people back at your place 😂


l even had l "guest" steal my linen and another opened my special cutlery that was boxed and gift wrapped in my glory box and tried to steal the entire 850 pce set.


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