I Embarrassed My Sister’s Husband In Front of Everyone After He Made a Mess in the Bathroom

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7 months ago

Family dinners are supposed to help us bond and get closer. However, one of our readers experienced quite the opposite. The recent gathering at her home took an unexpected turn and left her feeling frustrated. Her brother-in-law’s behavior caused a storm of emotions.

One of our readers contacted us.

Thank you for reaching our to us! We have some tips that might help you resolve the problem.

Apologize to John.

Even though your frustration is understandable, you still shouldn’t have discussed the matter in front of everyone. It would have been better to ask him to talk to you for five minutes in another room where no one could hear you. It’s possible that John didn’t realize the mess he left behind. In any case, admit that your emotions were high and you didn’t handle the situation in the best way.

Have family dinners at another place.

If your sister and her husband really don’t see the problem, you might want to stop inviting them over. You might want to have family dinners at other places like your parents’ house or your sister’s. You can also go to a cafe or a restaurant and spend time together there. Your bathroom will be clean, and the relationships with your family won’t deteriorate. Instead your bond will only get stronger.

Talk to your sister.

Ask your sister why she cleans up after her husband if he’s capable of doing it by himself. Maybe he doesn’t help her with the chores and thinks it’s fine to leave the mess after himself. In this case, you should let her know that you won’t tolerate such behavior from him. He might also have some health issues that you’re unaware of. Perhaps he has bad eyesight or other health-related problems.

Try other family-friendly activities.

There are so many other options apart from having dinners. You might want to try other activities such as watching movies, doing sports or playing games together. Outdoor activities will not only make your relationship stronger but will also improve your health and well-being. Try changing the routine and see if it works for you.

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Bull, I agree with her. He is a grown, married man, clean up after yourself and if you are so rude as to urinate on the seat and the floor and leave it then you deserve to be embarrassed and humiliated


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