I Caught My MIL Red-Handed on the Baby Monitor

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Getting along with your mother-in-law requires patience and hard work for some. However, it wasn’t the case with Sean, a man who turned to us looking for advice. He had a wonderful relationship with his MIL until him and his wife discovered a different side to her.

Thank you for openly sharing your story with us! Here are some tips that can be useful to you and anyone else facing a similar situation.

Set clear boundaries.

Have a calm and honest chat with your mother-in-law, alongside your wife. Share how her behavior made you feel and the negative impact it could have on your relationship. Recognize her past support, but focus on explaining how those actions can not be repeated.

Don’t hesitate in asking for help.

If talking directly to your mother-in-law feels tough, think about reaching out to a mediator or counselor for help. They can act as a neutral middle person, making the conversation more constructive whilst helping find solutions everyone can agree on.

Advise your mother-in-law to look for help.

Her actions might have a psychological issue at the root of it. Urge your mother-in-law to seek medical help if this behavior seems completely out of character, particularly if she doesn’t show any remorse for it.

Prioritize your children’s needs.

While addressing the issue is crucial, make sure not to accidentally hurt your children in the process. Don’t cut their contact with their grandmother abruptly. Instead, consider supervised visits so your mother-in-law’s relationship with her grandkids isn’t affected over what could possibly have been a mistake or misunderstanding.

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