12 People Who Saw Something They Were Definitely Not Supposed to See

6 months ago

Stumbling upon secrets we weren’t meant to uncover can sometimes bring unexpected blessings. Yet, there are moments when we’d rather not have been in that particular place and time, as the uncovered truth becomes a lasting imprint on our minds, resisting any attempts to forget. The stories you are about to delve into have deeply affected those sharing them, leaving a profound and enduring memory.

  • I work for a married couple that both own the company. I was helping the husband with a saved password issue that was causing him to repeatedly log in to the wrong account for an unrelated app. In doing so, I saw all his saved login info for dating sites specifically set up for cheating. When I was done, I shut all open apps, gave him his phone back, and never said another word.
    © monwoop1316 / Reddit
  • I have the same first name as the CFO of my former employer. The CEO was not very technically savvy and emailed me confidential company documents more than once.
    © Inevitable_Professor / Reddit
  • My friend worked for his dad, who was continuing the family piano business. I came across the pricing sheets and saw what they paid for pianos and what their retailer recommended they sell them for. Of course, there’s a markup, but I thought it would be only double, or at least that’s what I assumed. Nope, it’s like 4-5 times markup in general. People are used to pianos being expensive, so they play on that. It’s, of course, greater as the “quality” goes up. That grand piano that costs as much as a Mercedes is, like, $8,000 for them, if I remember correctly.
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  • When applying for an internship, I accidentally got CC’ed on an email from the CEO to her second in command, asking if they could assign a certain person to be my supervisor even though she was “on her way out.” That person did, in fact, become my supervisor for the semester, and I was on my guard, knowing that they didn’t trust her. It served me well. She left a few months after I did.
    © Kandlish / Reddit
  • In kindergarten, on Christmas Eve, I saw my parents bringing all of the presents past my room to the tree. They could have said, “These are just the ones from us; Santa will be by later,” but they didn’t. So, I lost Santa at a very early age. I played along for my little sister for 4 years, as to not ruin it for her. © PetahGriffin098 / Reddit
  • We gathered at my uncle’s house for their anniversary weekend, and right after dinner, his wife decided to play their wedding video for the 25 guests. She called everyone to the back room, played the tape, and we began watching. Just as she was walking down the aisle, midway down, the video suddenly went fuzzy.

    Everyone froze in complete shock as the wedding video cuts to a scene of Dale Earnhardt’s funeral. Uncle Joe used that tape to record Dale Earnhardt’s funeral. I was the only one who started laughing and felt like I was in a sitcom, but it was real life. © homanisto / Reddit
  • My ex-boyfriend wanted to show me something online but accidentally opened a tab for a site selling engagement rings. He was embarrassed, and I thought it was sweet even if it was a bit soon. We broke up a few months ago. He was my first love, and it broke my heart.
    © quangtran / Reddit
  • I went to pay a ticket I received while driving with my headlights turned off. I entered the quiet courthouse office I was supposed to be in and looked through the glass to catch the male sheriff giving the female magistrate a back and shoulder rub. They both went pale when I knocked on the glass. The sheriff immediately stopped and walked into another room. The magistrate gave me the weirdest look and said, “I guess Christmas came early for you.” She stamped the receipt and handed me the voided ticket. Sometimes it pays to witness something you’re not supposed to see. © pleasedontmak3m3 / Reddit

  • My dad gave me his phone to order something because mine was out of battery, and on Google, the first tab I see is “how to tell your child a loved one is dying.” My mom has been ill for years now, and I’ve been in denial about it getting any worse, but this finally broke me.
    © punctuwashion / Reddit
  • The CFO left paperwork on the printer that indicated the director-level employees were getting $100k bonuses and making $150k, three times the salary of managers at my company. We were laying people off while these people were receiving significant compensation.
    © Unkown user / Reddit
  • I was 7 years old, I believe. I had a tooth come off, and I put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy. In the middle of the night, I woke up and saw this dark figure sneaking into my bedroom, like straight from the movie Grinch. The dark figure bolted out of my room when I started screaming. My dad admitted it was him a few days later, but man, I didn’t sleep at all for a few days.
    © TacticalGoatse / Reddit
  • When I was 11, I walked into my cousin’s bedroom to find that she was talking to her imaginary friend and his grandmother. She was the only child living in the house alone with her parents. I didn’t recognize the people she was talking to, but I was terrified. I never went into her room again, no matter how much she wanted me to play with her friends. © Unknown user / Reddit

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