15+ Honest Wedding Photos People Don’t Usually Share With Anyone

2 years ago

Many newlyweds want their wedding photos to look like magazine shots. Later, they show these perfect shots to their relatives and remember their special day with a bit of nostalgia. But in fact, the blurry selfies and accidental photos say a lot more about the wedding. And people don’t often show them.

The people from this Bright Side article weren’t shy and shared these honest photos.

1. “Coming back from our wedding to the hotel”

2. “Just casually sitting on the kitchen floor waiting to start the ceremony!”

3. “When the new animal crossing DLC comes out on your wedding day”

4. “Tried this light pink for my wedding nails and my fiancé says, ’Hey, that reminds me of something!’”

5. “I’m finally married! The stress is over. Please enjoy this 2 a.m. hotel selfie as I wait for our professional photos!”

6. “Who else has made post-wedding food runs in their wedding dress?”

7. “Getting married today!”

8. “My mother-in-law said I could pick whatever food I wanted for my micro wedding. As a true Australian, I chose fairy bread!”

9. “Bought these centerpieces thinking they were small hoops with small bouquets. Turns out they are not.”

“I’m a Quidditch referee. If I used these at my wedding, the jokes would be endless.”

10. “Hiking 2 miles to the ceremony spot, so I bought these waterproof boots for my wedding shoes!”

11. “Thanks, it has pockets!”

12. “So I gave up on my wedding diet the same day my wedding shoes came in. It’s called balance.”

13. “I made a custom lipstick shade for my wedding day!”

14. “This is the moment I saw myself in full bride mode for the first time, just before the ceremony. Still gives me goosebumps!”

15. “Used the morning to pick my wildflower bouquet for the wedding from our beautiful mountains.”

16. “I made a collage of some of the candid reactions while dress shopping.”

17. “My sister before the wedding”

18. How it started vs how it ended

19. “Find a husband who looks at you like this while you’re dancing and eating cheeseburgers.”

Do you have any cool wedding photos in your archives?

Preview photo credit spilx / Reddit


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