12 People Confirm a Creepy Memory They Have That Nobody Else Seems to Remember

6 months ago

Deep within the core of our being, we carry cherished memories and captivating stories that will withstand the test of time. However, intertwined with these moments, there may exist disturbing events that continue to haunt our thoughts indefinitely. Here, 12 Redditors have disclosed personal encounters, each so troubling that the remnants of unease linger with them.


I was 4. My family had a bad car accident. My mom died. I only have a few memories from before the accident, but I do remember her well. She had brown hair, was short and chubby, and had a very sweet, toothy smile. I remember her holding me in her lap in her rocking chair. I remember her singing to me
My mom today is a different woman. She insists that she gave birth to me... My dad and my older sisters have no memory of my first mom, who died. All my memories of my second mom begin after my first mom died. Whenever I bring it up, my family cracks a joke about me being crazy and then changes the subject. But here’s how I’m sure my mom today is not the same woman:
1. My birth certificate lists my mom’s name as Marie, and that is not my current mom’s name! But she insists it was a clerical error at the hospital that they never bothered to correct.
2. My cousin, who is 11 years older than me, once made an off-hand remark about the accident, and how different our family would be if it hadn’t happened. I asked what he meant, and he said, “You know, your mom...” But he wouldn’t add anything else.
3. My sister once told me, “Sometimes you just need to accept the truth of your life as it is now, there is no truth in the past.” © Imnotcrazythrowaway / Reddit





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As these Redditors recounted their most eerie stories above, the people featured in this article shed light on the most unsettling events from their childhood, and reading them will give you the chills.

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