12 Disturbing Revelations That Altered the Course of Lives

6 months ago

Each of us holds onto our secrets and mysteries, whether they’re significant or trivial, carefully tucked away. However, as the saying goes, secrets tend to reveal themselves eventually. When they do emerge, some possess the capability to utterly reshape our reality or redirect the path of our existence. The people featured in this compilation have unearthed such profound truths that their lives have been forever altered.

  • I would get fevers as a child, and in my pain-infused state, I would hear a man counting in a very deep voice. He would count from 1 and up; as the numbers get larger, the voice gets louder and more intense. When I got older, I brushed it aside, thinking these were recurring nightmares or hallucinations. Until only recently, I learned that my sister experienced the exact same thing when she was younger as well. © Issualave / Reddit
  • I was hanging out with a work friend after work. We were at this restaurant, and he would scroll Tinder, and I would help him decide on which way to swipe. Until we saw my wife (now ex-wife). That was not a great time. © Kah0s / Reddit
  • When my grandfather passed away, we discovered that he did not exist. His name was not in any government registry. He was a normal citizen, paid taxes, had a license and everything. Lived a long life, married to my grandmother for over 50 years, had multiple children, everything normal.
    Still to now, no one knows who he really was and why he had a false name. © daveypump / Reddit
  • When my ex and I lived together I found a box with a single set of dishes under his side of the bed. When I asked him about it, he said he was keeping them just in case he decided to break up with me so that he could leave at the drop of a hat at any given moment. I remember the conversation, he seemed so nonchalant about it all. Turned out to be a total sociopath. © room_temp_butter / Reddit
  • My ex-husband, just before we got together, had a ’one night thing.’ The woman got pregnant, and he hid it from me for as long as he possibly could before a mutual acquaintance told him if he didn’t say anything, they would. He had hidden this from all of his friends, completely socially isolated himself to cover the tracks. He blamed me for him no longer seeing his friends, telling them all I hated them and wouldn’t let him see them anymore.
    He never told his family. He ghosted, and blocked the woman, then deleted all social media so she couldn’t contact him at all. He then coerced and guilted me into paying his child support for him or ’he would go to prison!’. © Arugula-Current / Reddit
  • My mom lied to my father about my older sister (9 years older) being his child to get him to marry her. Fast-forward 40 years, find out she also lied about him being my father. He wasn’t surprised when he found out my sister wasn’t his, but was crushed when he found out about me.
    He is also adopted, and both bio parents have passed. He literally has no bio family left. Ironically, this has brought us closer than before. © LabNerd13 / Reddit
  • I found out my wife is dying after I read messages exchanged between her and her sister. I guess she was too afraid to tell me just yet. I waited until she wanted to tell me on her own before I mentioned that I had seen the messages and had already known. © OmegaDad618 / Reddit
  • Many years ago, my mother amended her birth certificate to make herself nine years younger. She used this falsified birth certificate to acquire a driver’s license, get a government job, etc.
    Later in life, she went through bankruptcy and needed money but was “too young” to get her pension and social security (although she was actually of retirement age). So, she asked my then-boyfriend, an artist skilled at pointillism, to redo her birth certificate so she could go to the DMV and address the “mistake.” © rudi_mentary_ / Reddit
  • My parents divorced when I was 17. They told us they had irreconcilable differences, specifically regarding their financial goals, which seemed a little fishy, but at my age, I just went with it.
    I learned a couple of years ago at 38 that my mom walked in on my dad at his second job, engaging in inappropriate behavior with the secretary. To this day, my dad still calls my mom the crazy one. © heyitsthephoneguy / Reddit
  • I found texts from my girlfriend’s secret lover. This was in the early 2000s when phones were still super primitive. Her phone had that Snake game on it, and mine didn’t, so I would occasionally use her phone to play Snake.
    The game would get interrupted if someone texted, though. And sure enough, while I was playing, her secret lover texted her. I saw it, and then couldn’t help myself and had to read the rest of the texts between them. Absolutely crushed me. © alwaysmyfault / Reddit
  • I discovered just like 3 years ago that I’m not my mother’s only kid or first kid. Her cousin told me my mother got pregnant at 14 and gave birth to my brother, who unfortunately passed away the next day after he was born.
    I confronted my mom, and she briefly talked to me about him. She’s never mentioned it again. I can’t believe she kept this from me my entire life. I literally just learned about my deceased brother in my mid-40s. © Borboleta77 / Reddit
  • My husband had tubes of fake blood. I found them stuffed in the closet. I forgot and didn’t say anything to anyone, thinking they were for Halloween.
    Months later, I caught him cheating. Our marriage ended, and I decided to leave. I went back to get some belongings, and he staged an accident with the fake blood on the kitchen floor to make me feel bad for leaving. I banged on the window and told him to get up and stop playing stupid games.
    He crawled to open the door, mumbling he needs to go to the hospital. I ignored him. I found those tubes of blood thrown in the bathroom trash can and threw them at him on the way out. © ChineseChaiTea / Reddit

Similar to how secrets can be deeply disconcerting, another instance of profound confusion arises when our young ones recount their “previous memories.” Within this article, kids have shared some heart-wrenching tales of their past lives, leaving their parents utterly speechless.


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