My Boyfriend Secretly Destroys My Hobbies to Make Me Spend More Time With Him

6 months ago

Spending some time alone while in a relationship is not only healthy but can also strengthen your bond. Sadly, our reader’s boyfriend insists that she should spend all of her free time with him. Even if he just watches videos, her presence is mandatory. Her boyfriend is so jealous of her hobbies that he did a nasty thing that horrified our reader.

Our reader sent us a message.

We’re sorry about your situation. We’re here to help you, and we have some tips that might be of help.

File a police report.

Your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend destroyed your things and was being insulting. It might not seem like something to report, but still it’s better to file a police report. Take pictures of your broken items and make sure to get a restraining order. It won’t be long before your boyfriend starts physically harming you.

Break up with him.

It’s clear that your boyfriend doesn’t care about the things that are meaningful to you. He can easily destroy them, knowing that it hurts you. This is a big red that you shouldn’t ignore. By ruining your hobbies, he marks his authority and forces you to live the way he wants. Break up with him and don’t give in to his pleas to stay, he won’t change.

Protect yourself.

It has little to do with your hobbies and everything to do with harming you. He’s punishing you because you don’t give him all of your attention, it’s one of the traits of a narcissist. At some point, he might get you into an “accident” that can hurt you physically.

The situation is very troubling as your boyfriend has shown enough cruelty and hostility toward you. Don’t believe his apologies and don’t argue with him. Try to escape safely without him knowing. Otherwise, he’ll do anything to stop you.

Turn to your friends or family for help.

If you decide to leave, make sure you do it with a close friend or a family member who can protect you. It’s better to move out and never see your boyfriend again. Living with him under the same roof can have detrimental consequences for you. Ask someone for help and act quickly, don’t wait until the situation gets worse.

Not only hobbies can provoke conflicts, but social media as well. In this article, our reader threw away his wife’s camera because she used their baby for likes on social media. Things got worse when she wanted to film their daughter’s bath time.

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