16 People Share the Weirdest Things Their Friends Did at School

2 years ago

Many people would agree that knowledge gained during our school years can gradually disappear from our heads. While various stories, that are oftentimes in no way connected with the educational process, stay in our memory for a long time. Reddit users decided to feel nostalgic and talk about classmates whom they wouldn’t be able to forget even if they wanted to.

Bright Side authors also had classmates like this, that’s why we are sure that you’ll also recall a couple of curious school stories after reading this article.

  • A kid I grew up with started wearing homemade chain mail to school our freshman year of high school. Every day. For all 4 years. He was always pretty odd, but he was nice enough. Plus we had a few classes together thru middle school and we had connected over a shared love of a few video games, so I felt comfortable asking him why he started wearing it all of the sudden. He proceeded to explain the defensive benefits of chain mail for like 5 solid minutes. I basically just shrugged and told him, “I mean, makes sense.” And we both went to our classes. © breauxrocka / Reddit

  • A weird kid in my elementary school was a self-proclaimed alien. Once, while waiting for the bus, she told me, “On my planet, we eat people like you,” and proceeded to bite me. We later became friends in high school and she used to give me massages during lunch break in the quad. Just realized now that she was likely tenderizing me. © iheartrevolution / Reddit

  • A wild kid activated a fire hose and started blasting everyone that came his way, students, teachers, didn’t matter. © DerJungeGoethe / Reddit

  • One girl used to gallop around the playground on her own, pretending she was a horse. She was 14 or 15 at the time. She got a medical degree and is doing her surgical training at the moment. I bumped into her at a hospital after over a decade, all I could think of to say was, “Do you still love horses?” She laughed and said she had her own horse now. © BrainLover19 / Reddit

  • He “drove” around the basketball courts, following the lines, on an imaginary bus. He’d stop to let people get on/off the bus and then drive them to their stops, and we walked in a line behind him. When he stopped walking he’d mimic the door opening and closing and wouldn’t let you on/off if you didn’t wait for the signal. Salutations Ben the Bus Driver, I hope you achieved your dreams. © amydee4103 / Reddit

  • Ran out of the class and I guess attempted to leave school or something. A bunch of teachers chased him. I could hear running out in the halls and teachers asking where he went. The door to the class was closed but there was a window. A while later I look up and I see him at the little window, and he just looks at us, licks the window, and runs away again, and I see a couple of teachers run after. © camm44 / Reddit

  • Impressively imitated the barking of a dog. Really sounded like a dog with a deep, fierce bark, not like a middle-school student. © mutantenzyme / Reddit

  • “We didn’t really have weird kids at my school.” It was me. I brought a live chicken to show-and-tell and wore a clown wig for a week once. Oh yeah, and I had my own sign language that I used to curse people. © ipakookapi / Reddit

  • This one kid wore cheap button-down collared shirts to school every day, and he would only ever button the top button and let the shirt billow around him when he walked. He would state that he was convinced that by doing this every day it would catch on, and he’d start a trend in the school and be popular. © qmanchoo / Reddit

  • There was a kid who used to eat erasers and growl at other kids. © justme4433 / Reddit

  • Bring a toaster and make tuna melts in computer class. © deepspacemirage / Reddit

  • Interestingly enough this “weird kid” was actually really well-liked by people at school. The funniest thing he ever did was in geometry class freshman year. Our teacher was explaining planes to us and how because 3 points always form a plane, a 3-legged table would never wobble. Cue the weird kid standing up: “Challenge accepted.” Next Monday he comes in, dragging a giant table into class. Over the weekend, he had built a table with 3 legs and springs between the flat tabletop and the legs, so that if you put a glass on it, it would wobble and fall over. Our teacher found it so funny that he kept the table in his classroom for the whole year. © fr_horn / Reddit

  • He carried a briefcase around and everyone was always leery of him. One day, my sister and I told him to open it. A crowd had started to form as he slowly opened the briefcase. Inside he carried a ventriloquist doll. It was super weird. © areaunknown_ / Reddit

  • One boy was once caught eating grass. When asked why, he said, “I always wanted to be a cow.” © Owls_feather / Reddit

  • In 1st grade, there was this kid who stood by the sink in the back of the classroom eating bits of those brown paper towels. The teacher was constantly telling him to stop eating them and go back to his seat. © ReturnOfTheFox / Reddit

  • In 3rd grade, there was a kid who was famous for mixing up every single item on his plate at lunch. Bananas, Mashed Potatoes, and Ham? He’d throw all that stuff together and mash it up into a paste before eating it. Every meal, where applicable. To this day, I have this rule about not letting my food touch because of him. © BrianJacquesGhost / Reddit

What weird things have your classmates done?

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Too much fun experience 🤣 I don't know where to start


Once,a volunteer at my school told me some other kids were eating the dead bees on the ground.


I was always the weird kid. My mom never ever took me to fast food restaurants, and I wanted to be an environmental lawyer. If anyone ever mentioned fast food or had it then I would talk for like 10 minutes straight about how bad it was for the earth and how if people like them didn't exist the planet would not need to be rescued because they were really bad people and didn't care about anyone or anything else and how they didn't care if their burger was made of a cow how had to live it's whole life without seeing grass and had to eat it's own poop and candy wrappers.


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